In anatomical position, the body is lying down
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This type of muscle tissue has striations, branching cells, and intercalated discsCARDIACThis type of connective tissue is located in lymphoid organs (lymph nodes, bone marrow, and spleen)RETICULARWhich connective tissue wraps and cushions organs?AREOLARCells that are located in the lacunae of cartilage are calledCHONDROCYTESThis type of cell found in neural tissue is highly specialized to generate and conduct electrical signalsNEURONThis pigment colors and protects the skinMELANINThe outermost layer of the skin is called stratum_________GRANULOSUMWhich gland secretes an oily substance that acts as a lubricant to keep the skin soft and moistSEBACEOUSGoose bumps are formed by the contraction of __________________ muscle:ARRECTOR PILI________________is the scientific name of this part of the nail commonly called the cuticle:EPONYCHIUMWhich of these substances could be driven across a membrane by the resting membrane potential?Na+A cell duplicates its chromosomes during the ___ phase:S PHASEEpithelial cells that are adapted for absorption usually have ___ at their free surface:MICROVILLINeural tissue :CARRIED INFORMATION FROM ONE PART OF THE BODY TO ANOTHERThe study of tissues is called:HISTOLOGYGlands whose secretions contain mucins are classified at:MUCOUS GLANDSThe process of lactation (milk production) depends on both merocrine and _____ secretion by mammary gland epithelial cells:APOCRINEA type of intercellular junction that stops material from crossing an epithelium between cells is called an:TIGHT JUNCTIONAntiangiogensis factor is a chemical produced by _____ that blocks the growth of blood vesselsCHONDROCYTESAn example of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium would be:EXPOSED SKINGlands that secrete their product by the bursting of cells are ______ glands:HOLOCRINEThe auricle, or outer ear, contains:ELASTIC CARTILAGEThe three types of protein fibers in connective tissue are:COLLAGEN, RETICULAR & ELASTICWhich of the following is not one of the four main tissue categories:OSSEOUS TISSUEThe function of simple cuboidal epithelium is:ABSORPTION & SECRETIONThe epithelia that line the body cavities and blood vessels are classified as:SIMPLE SQUAMOUSYou would find pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining in the:TRACHEAWhich statement about tissues is correct:AN ORGAN COMBINES SEVERAL DIFFERENT TISSUESCells that store fat are called:ADIPOCYTESWhich of the following connective tissue cells produces collagen?FIBROBLASTSAny substance that enters or leaves your body must cross:EPITHELIAL TISSUEWhich type of connective tissue is avascular?CARTILAGEWhich type of connective tissue is found in the trachea and between the ribs and sternum?HYALINE CARTILAGEWhich of the four basic tissue types form coverings or linings of organs?EPITHELIAL TISSUEA gland formed by cells arranged in one blind pocket with a single unbranched duct would be called:SIMPLE TUBULARThe three categories of connective tissue are:CONNECTIVE TISSUE PROPER, FLUID CONNECTIVE TISSUE & SUPPORTING CONNECTIVE TISSUEOsseous tissue is also called:BONEWhich tissue lines the small intestine and the stomach?SIMPLE COLUMNAR EPITHELIUMThe junction type that lets neighboring cells exchange small molecules is:GAP JUNCITONTissue that is specialized for contraction is ________ tissue.MUSCLEGerminative cells:DIVIDE CONTINUALLY TO PRODUCE NEW EPITHELIAL CELLSThe two major types of cell layering in epithelia are:SIMPLE & STRATIFIEDUnicelluar exocrine glands secrete:MUCUSEach of the following is an example of dense connective tissue, except:AREOLAR TISSUECells that are flat and thin are classified as:SQUAMOUSThe correct order of phases in the cell cycle is:INTERPHASE, PROPHASE, METAPHASE, ANAPHASE & TELOPHASE (IPMAT)Functions of the plasma membrane include all of the following except:THERMAL INSULATIONMany proteins in the cytosol are ________ that accelerate metabolic reactions.ENZYMESReceptor molecules on the surface of cells bind specific molecules called, in general,LIGANDSThe ______ typically consists of five or six flattened membranous discs called cisternae:GOLGI APPARATUSWhich of the following statements about the Golgi apparatus is false?IT SENDS TRANSPORT VESICLES TO THE RERThe cell theory includes all of these concepts except:EVERY CELL IS CAPABLE OF LIVING ON ITS OWN IF ISOLATED FROM THE BODYThe duplication of DNA is called _____, the copying of DNA to mRNA is called _____, and the reading of the mRNA ;by the cell to make a protein is called _____:REPLICATION, TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSLATIONSome cells contain large numbers of mitochondria while others have relatively few or none. This suggests that:CELLS WITH LARGE NUMBERS OF MITOCHONDRIA HAVE A HIGH ENERGY DEMANDThe cytosol contains the fluid cytosol, insoluble inclusions, and the:ORGANELLES_____ may be scattered in the cytoplasm or bound to endoplasmic reticulum:RIBOSOMESmRNA is needed to synthesize ________ in the cytoplasm.PROTEINSThe "m" in mRNA stands for:MESSENGERCytology is the study:THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF CELLSThe watery component of the cytoplasm is calledCYTOSOLWhat is an advantage of the electron microscope over the compound light microscope:IT ALLOWS MUCH GREATER MAGNIFICATION OF A SPECIMENThe movement of oxygen from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration is an example of:DIFFUSIONHow do chromosomes become visible under a light microscope as a cell prepares to divide?THIN STRANDS OF CHROMATIN COIL TIGHTLY AND THEN COIL AGAINThe only kind of cell in the body that is not produced by the division of pre-existing cells is:A GAMETE (SPERM OR EGG CELL)The enzyme _____ is required for the synthesis of mRNA:RNA POLYMERASEEach of the following is an example of a nonmembranous organelle, except:LYSOSOMESA blood cell undergoes crenation when it is place in a(n) _____ solution:HYPERTONICA patient suffers blood loss and is given IV fluids that contain an impermeable carbohydrate called dextran, which serves to ______ leading to an increase in blood volume:INCREASE THE OSMOLARITY OF THE BLOOD