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Res Ipsa Loqutur

"the thing speaks for itself"

_____ - a legal principle often raised when the very event causing harm is very good evidence for negligence as, for example, when medical instruments are left in the patient's body.

Res Ipsa Loqutur

Review the usual applications of res ipsa loquitur.


_____ - a tort that occurs when a physician is unavailable to a patient at a time when the standard of care requires that he be available and able to provide medical care.


_____ - occurs when a physician terminates the relationship improperly, or is unavailable when he is on call, or when he fails to arrange for adequate patient coverage while on vacation, or when he otherwise negligently fails to be available to a patient when the standard of care requires that he be available.


Review proper unilateral termination by a physician 1-4.


Review proper unilateral termination by a physician 5-9.


_____ communications are given a higher degree of protection than are confidential communications.


Name 4 exceptions to duty to safeguard confidences.

child/elderly abuse

gunshot/knife wounds

communicable and other diseases

imminent dangers to others (Tarasoff & Tedrick)

Name 5 aspects of "Duty to Respect Privacy."

intrusion upon the plaintiff's physical and mental solitude and seclusion

public disclosure of private facts

publicity which places the plaintiff in a false light in the public eye

appropriation for the defendant's benefit or advantage of the plaintiff's name or likeness

government interference with private rights

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