Micro ch. 1,2,3 Exam Review

Surgical technologists and other team members utilize all of the following to prevent disease transmission in the operating room EXCEPT:
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Dark-field, phase- contrast, and electron are types of which of the following?MicroscopesWhich of the following microscopes is used for a 3-D view of the smallest microbes, viruses and cellular surface structures?Scanning electronFluorochromes are types of which of the following?Special stainsA combination of nutrient agar and powdered hemoglobin is used to make which type of culture media?chocolate agarBacterial motility is determined by which of the following laboratory analyses?Hanging dropMethod used to determine immunity or susceptibility to diphtheriaSchick testA hypothesis or basic assumption based on scientific study and deductionPostulateEarly theory that living things spontaneously arise from nonliving materials :AbiogenesisInoculation of a healthy individual with fluid from cowpox pustulates to gain immunity:VariolationTerm used by von Leeuwenhoek to describe microscopic organisms:AnimalculesThe process of passing genetic materials between bacterial cells:ConjugationExtensive, possibly world-wide disease outbreak involving large groups:PandemicEarly theory that disease was spread by "bad air":Miasma theoryAny agent capable of destroying all microbial life, including spores:SterilantCondition of being vulnerable to disease due to ineffective natural body defenses:Immune compromisedA classification system based on common ancestors, phylogenic relationships, and evolutionary changes:CladisticsProtein molecules which comprise the capsule around the viral nucleic acids:CapsomeresA condition of destruction of brain matter from pathogenic invasion:EncephalopathyA division of taxonomic hierarchy smaller than kingdom larger than class:PhylumGroup of microbes which have ancient roots and similarities with unicellular and multicellular microbial organisms:ArchaeaViral particles which infect bacterial cells:PhaginaeThe study of all classes and types of prokaryotic organisms:BacteriologyA non living pathogen which contains reverse transcriptase that synthesizes DNA from an RNA template:RetrovirusThe complete set of an organism's DNA, RNA, Chromosomes, and genes:GenomeAbility of a lens to produce a clear image and the amount of detail produced:ResolutionClear spaces on an agar plate produced by lysis or bacteria during phage-typing:PiaqueA solid culture medium made from red marine algae:AgarA part of the compound light microscope which focuses light onto the specimen:CondenserPreviously a metric unit of measure equal to 0.0000000001m or 0.1nm (nanometer):AngstromTest tubes containing agar which solidified with the tubes at an angle:SlantWhip like appendages of some species of bacteria which assist in motility:FlagellaClumping together of antigen bearing microbes in the presence of specific antibodies:AgglutinationEnzyme which causes a decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen:CatalaseA chemical additive for laboratory stains to increase their effectiveness:MordantLouis Pasteur proved spontaneous generation was possible:FalseThe Germ Theory of Disease stated microorganisms might cause illness:TrueAlexander Fleming was responsible for the discovery of acetaminophen:FalseStandard precautions are used in all circumstances and presume that all patients are potential carriers of undiagnosed disease:True