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Chapter 11: Basics of Electricity

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A glass or metal applicator used for directing electric current from a machine to a client's skin is a(n):
The amount of electric energy being used in one second is measured in a(n):
Ultraviolet (UV) rays applied to the skin during a treatment prompt the skin to produce:
vitamin D
Constant, even-flowing electrical current that travels in one direction only is:
direct current
Electromagnetic radiation that carries energy through space on waves is also called:
radiant energy
The term electricity describes a form of:
The most commonly used electric modality in cosmetology is:
galvanic current
The different types of electrical currents used in facial and scalp treatments are:
The unit that measures the amount of electric current is a(n):
Within the visible spectrum of light, the longest wavelength is:
The path an electric current from the generating source through a conductor and back to the original source is a(n):
complete circuit
Thermal, oscillation current used to stimulate in facial and scalp treatments is:
Tesla current
Polarity indicates the negative or positive pole of a(n):
electric current
Electronic facial treatments are commonly referred to as:
A high voltage on an electrical appliance indicates:
more pressure
Visible electromagnetic radiation is referred to as:
visible light
A substance that does not easily transmit electricity is a(n):
A process used to soften and emulsify oil deposits in hair follicles and treat acne conditions is:
The positive electrode pole on an electrotherapy device is called a(n):
An important principle in promoting electrical safety is:
Energy sources, heat, or light used to make reactions happen more quickly are:
Rapid, interrupted electric current that flows in one direction then in the opposite direction is:
alternating current
The distance between two successive peaks of electromagnetic radiation is the:
The flow of electricity along a conductor is called a(n):
electric current
In facial treatments, the process of introducing water-soluble products into the skin with electric current is: