protozoa, algae, cyanobacteria

in which domains are algae, protozoa, and cyanobacteria classified?
cyanobacteria is in the domain bacteria, protozoa is in the domain eukarya, and algae is in the domain eukarya
name one difference and one similarity between algae and plants
algae and plants both have organelles known as chloroplasts. the number of membranes around the chloroplasts of algae and plants are different
compare and contrast the three mechanisms of motility displayed by protozoa
protozoa can move by using structures that will beat and propel them. theses are known as flagella and cilia. protozoa can also move by extending cytoplasmic extensions known as pseudopodia, or they can glide
what organisms were formerly known as blue green algae? why are these not actually algae?
cyanobacteria was once known as blue green algae. cyanobacteria is not truly algae because they do not have an organized nucleus, chloroplasts or organelles. furthermore, they have peptidoglycan in their cell walls, which makes they prokaryotes, while algae are eukaryotes
what makes red tides red?
the red tides are red because a large influx of nutrients has come into the water, causing a growth of red colored marine dinoflagellates
what is the genus of the causative agent of malaria? in what group does it belong?
the causative agent of malaria is of the genus plasmodium. it belongs to the group apicomplexa