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Because mental health care is not covered in Australia under the basic health plan, which citizens are more likely to receive mental health care?
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A female client was given the diagnosis of schizophrenia and recently has lost her job. She tells the nurse that she has enough money for only two more house payments, and if she does not find a job, she fears she will become homeless. The nurse knows that this client falls into the group of nearly __________ of U.S. citizens who live below the poverty level.
A female client who is undergoing therapy for depression is divorced and has two children, ages 2 and 4. She has just enrolled in a local community college and is worried about providing food and clothes for her family while holding down a minimum wage job and devoting the time needed to be successful in school. The nurse determines that the best community resource for assisting this client to meet these needs is:Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)The home care nurse is providing care to an older adult client with a diagnosis of depression who is caring for his wife with Alzheimer's disease. He states that he hardly has enough energy to cook and clean the house. The couple has no children, and no relatives live within a close distance. Which community agency would be of greatest benefit to this client?Meals on WheelsA 9-year-old girl is given the diagnosis of depression. She has low self-esteem, does not enjoy group therapy, and does not show her emotions. The nurse has had difficulty establishing rapport with this client and decides to ask for assistance from another treatment team member. Which team member would best assist in this situation?Expressive therapistNearly __________ of all countries in the world have no clear governmental policy that addresses mental health issues.50%A woman is admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit after a suicide attempt by overdose. The primary rationale for her admission is to:Provide her with a safe and secure environmentA client suffering from chronic mental illness often forgets to take her medication and needs to be reminded to take care of daily hygiene. She does not have family or other support persons living in the area. The care delivery most beneficial for this client is:Residential programA 35-year-old client with a long history of schizophrenia who often forgets to take his medication is admitted to an inpatient unit after police find him threatening passengers on a bus. This is his fourth admission in 3 months. This frequent re-hospitalization is an example of:RecidivismWhen arranging community resource linkages for a client and her children who are victims of domestic violence, which resource is the most immediately appropriate?Women's shelterWhich principles characterize mental health care in Canada? (Select all that apply.)- Portability - Universality - Accessibility - Comprehensiveness - Public administrationIn the United States, which factors determine whether a client requires inpatient rather than outpatient care? (Select all that apply.)- Severity of the illness - Level of dysfunction - Suitability of the setting for treating the problem - Level of client cooperation - Ability to payWhich client populations are at greater risk for the development of mental health disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Homeless - Clients infected with HIV or AIDS - Those in crisis - Clients living in rural areas - Older adults - childrenThe case management for a client requiring community mental health services would include which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Advocacy - Crisis intervention - Provision of referrals to a shelterThe __________ therapist of the mental health team uses methods such as pet therapy and music therapy when working with clients and is responsible for providing leisure-time activities and for teaching inpatient clients useful ways to pass time.recreationalA male teenage client tells the nurse that his friends like to drink alcohol occasionally to get drunk. The client's friends see nothing wrong with their drinking habits. The client states that he was taught by his parents and agrees that underage drinking is not acceptable. Also, he has never seen his parents drunk; therefore, he refuses to drink with his friends. Which mode of transmission best describes how this client's particular value was formed?modelingA female client becomes combative when the nurse attempts to administer routine medications. The nurse would like to ignore the client but chooses to talk with the client to calm her. The nurse is successful in calming the client, and the client takes her medications. What process best describes how the nurse decided on the course of action taken?Values clarificationTwenty-three states have enacted mental health parity laws. The most accurate description of these laws is that they require insurance companies to:Include coverage for mental illness that is equal to coverage for physical illnessThe client is feeling very anxious and has requested that a p.r.n. antianxiety medication be ordered. The nurse informs the client that the medication can be administered only every 4 hours and was given 3 hours ago. The nurse promises to give the client the medication as soon as it is due, but the nurse goes to lunch 1 hour later without giving the client the medication. Which ethical principle did the nurse violate?FidelityA male client is seeking help in a mental health clinic for anger management problems. He voices that he is fearful that his wife may divorce him because of his anger problem, and he is willing to do "whatever it takes" to control his anger. Later in the week, the client's wife also seeks assistance because she is going to divorce her husband. The nurse who is caring for both of these clients tries to decide the correct action to take. The nurse is experiencing:An ethical conflict (or dilemma)The psychiatrist asks the nurse to perform a procedure that she is not familiar with, and the nurse is unsure whether this is something within the scope of practice. Where can the nurse find the answer to her question?State nurse practice actAn order written by a physician is reviewed by the nursing staff, and no one is familiar with the treatment instructions. A nurse who was recently hired knows that this treatment is covered by the state's nurse practice act. What is the nurse's best course of action?Refer to the facility's policy and procedure to determine the course of actionStandards of nursing practice for mental health can best be described as helping to ensure:Quality and effectiveness of careIf a client is involuntarily committed to a mental health care facility indefinitely, the law requires that the case must be reviewed every:12 monthsA male client is being argumentative during a group therapy session. The psychiatric technician warns the client that if he does not cooperate with the nurse, he will be physically restrained and taken to his room for the remainder of the day. For which action could the technician be held liable?AssaultWhich of the following circumstances, when it occurs on an inpatient mental health unit, would be considered false imprisonment?An alert and oriented client is confined to his room after being loud and argumentative with another client in the recreation area.The nurse often assists in the process of obtaining informed consent from the client for treatment and/or procedures. Who has the responsibility of providing information to the client so he can give informed consent?physicianAn important responsibility of the nurse in a mental health facility is to ensure that clients do not __________ from the facility without a discharge order, by carefully supervising and accurately documenting client behaviors and therapeutic actions.ElopeIf a female client tells the nurse of extensive plans she has to harm the girlfriend of her ex-husband, what is the nurse's best action?Inform the girlfriend of the intentions of the clientA female client asks the nurse if the medication risperidone (Risperdal), an antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia, has any side effects. Which response by the nurse would violate the ethical concept of veracity?"Risperdal has no documented side effects."The charge nurse on a busy inpatient psychiatric unit is concerned because a nurse and nursing assistant have called out for the shift. Upon calling the nursing office, the charge nurse is informed that there is no one to replace them. In addition, the emergency call button at the nurse's station is malfunctioning. This charge nurse sees this as a violation ofCare provider rightsThe nurse encounters a client crying in her room. Upon talking to the client it is discovered that she is upset because a new nursing assistant made her go out for a walk with the group even though the client informed her that she waits for her daughter to go for her walk. This is a potential violation of which ethical principle?AutonomyA client preparing for discharge from an inpatient unit asks a nurse which psychiatrist she would recommend to use for follow-up as an outpatient. The nurse responds, "There are several good physicians on your list. Make sure you do not use Dr. Smith. I have heard some terrible things about his methods of treatment." This is an example of which type of potential liability?slanderA client frequently wanders around the unit, and the staff frequently needs to reorient the client to the environment and remind her not to walk into the rooms of other clients on the unit. Due to short staffing, the decision is made to use a restraint device to prevent this from occurring. This action may constitute:False imprisonmentIf a person is perceived to be a threat to himself or others, who can implement an involuntary commitment to a mental health facility? (Select all that apply.)- Police - Physicians - Representatives of a county administratorFor a nurse or health care provider to be found negligent, what requirements must the provider's misconduct meet? (Select all that apply.)- The provider owed a duty to the client. - The provider breached a duty to the client. - The provider caused injury to the client by action or inaction. - The provider caused loss or damage through his or her actions.The use of protective devices may be considered false imprisonment. In order to assure the rights of the client are not violated, which practices must be implemented when using a device? (Select all that apply.)- A written medical order must be on the medical record - Restraints must be removed and limb exercised every 2 hours. - Client must be assessed and monitored every 15 minutes.An older Asian female with a diagnosis of depression is cared for by her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is very attentive to the client's needs, attends every therapy session, and is active in the planning and implementing of the treatment plan. The granddaughter's valuing of her grandmother is most likely due to her:Cultural beliefsA traditional Arab female client is brought to the emergency department by her husband. She complains of feeling very anxious and short of breath and has chest pain. What would likely be a hindrance to the care of this client?The only caregivers available in the emergency department are male.Disease is defined as:physical dysfunctionThe nurse is caring for a 20-year-old woman from Puerto Rico. The client speaks English, but she is accompanied by her mother, who does not. The client has a history of mental illness, and through the interpreter, the nurse learns that the mother, who has traditional Puerto Rican cultural beliefs, believes that the client's mental illness is caused by:WitchcraftA client is continually late for his appointment at the mental health clinic. What is a likely reason for his lack of punctuality?time orientationWhich client communication problem can the nurse most easily correct?cultural differencesWhat is the social orientation among most middle-class American families?nuclearIt is important for the nurse to be familiar with the religious practices of clients cared for most often in a particular region because attitudes toward health and illness, death and burial, food, and procreation have a strong impact on a client's beliefs and practices. The nurse knows that the religion practiced most often around the world is:ChristianityThe metabolism of psychotropic medications is most likely to be affected by:EthnicityA Hmong man from Laos is a client at an outpatient mental health clinic and is being seen for his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The importance of lithium testing was stressed in his discharge plans; however, it is discovered that he has had his lithium level checked only once, rather than the three scheduled times. What is the nurse's best action?Talk with the client to see if there is a reason that he is not getting his lithium levels checked as outlined in his discharge plans.Culture includes common beliefs and practices in areas such as religion, economics, diet, health, and:Patterns of communicationWhat is the usual approach to care for individuals who practice folk medicine?PersonalizedA Navajo Native American is traveling across the country and becomes ill. He visits a hospital emergency department and appears very uncomfortable in the surroundings. The nurse knows that traditional Navajo Native Americans typically receive health care in:HomesA client seen in the mental health clinic feels her depression is the result of being "punished" due to becoming pregnant as an adolescent and giving the infant up for adoption against her family's wishes. This view of her depression is considered:PersonalisticThe nurse in the emergency department finds a woman collapsed on the floor and crying loudly. The woman's husband was in a car accident and is being attended to by the medical staff. Which statement by the nurse best demonstrates acting in a culturally competent manner?"Let me take you to a room with more privacy so we can talk."A 45-year-old married man comes to the community mental health center after he is suspended from his job for fighting. Upon talking to him, the nurse discovers he and his wife recently moved to the United States and his wife needs to work to pay bills. He is angry and embarrassed that he cannot be the sole provider for his family. His behavior may be the result of:Gender role conflictA nurse preparing to interview a client in the client's room begins to move newspapers off a chair to sit down. The client requests that the nurse sit in another chair and leave the newspapers where they were. The client is demonstrating:TerritorialityA male client is visiting his family in the United States and experiences what his family describes as a "breakdown." His family takes him to a stress treatment center at a local mental health clinic. The client is a follower of traditional folk medicine practices and is agitated when he learns that he must see a licensed psychiatrist. Which care providers is this client most likely accustomed to? (Select all that apply.)- Healers - Shamans - Spiritualists - Lay unlicensed therapistsWhich areas comprise the DSM-IV-TR cultural assessment tool for clients? (Select all that apply.)- Cultural identity of the client - Overall cultural assessment - Cultural explanation of the illness - Cultural factors relating to psychosocial environment - Cultural elements of relationship between client and care provider - Cultural factors related to level of functioningRefugees frequently experience depression, anxiety, and stress-related disorders caused by their particular circumstances. Therefore, in addition to a cultural assessment, what is important for the nurse to assess? (Select all that apply.)- Immigration history - History of arrival in the new country - How long the refugee has been in the new country - Whether anyone or anything was lost in coming to the new countryCultural assessments allow the health care provider to understand the unique beliefs a client may have regarding mental illness and how they cope. Key areas to assess include which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Communication - Space and territory - Biological orientation - Social orientationA __________ is a simplified or standardized belief or conception regarding people who belong to another culture.Stereotype__________ is a term that divides people into groups based on biological characteristics, including skin color, features, hair texture, and self-identification.raceWhen a person believes that there is a power greater or higher than any human being, he is referring to his __________.SpiritualityA male client who has a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is seen in the emergency department with complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and inability to concentrate, along with feelings of overwhelming anxiety. The nurse uses Maslow's theory to triage the client's complaints, knowing that which complaint must be addressed first?Shortness of breathAccording to Freud's theory, a baby who is crying in response to wanting to be held by his mother is an example of which part of the personality's control over behavior?IdAccording to the theorist Erik Erikson, an individual strives to actualize his identity, is most productive, and demonstrates guidance of and concern for others with a core task of caring during which stage of psychosocial development?Middle adulthood (25 to 65 years)During a therapy session, a client is asked to respond to a word with the first word or phrase that comes to mind. What term is commonly used to refer to this technique?Free associationCarl Jung was the founder of analytical psychotherapy; he differed from Freud in that he believed that the mind was divided into three levels: the conscious ego, the personal unconscious, and the:Collective unconsciousJean Piaget's theory of cognitive development identifies an interrelationship between the __________ and the __________ functions in the development of one's personality.Intellectual, emotionalHow many stages of the human life cycle did Erik Erikson identify?EightA 4-year-old client in a pediatric unit is imitating the actions of the nurse. The nurse knows, according to Erik Erikson's theory, that this child is displaying a characteristic seen during which developmental stage?Genital-locomotorHumanistic theories are important to health care because these theories serve as the foundation for the concept of:holistic careDuring a conversation with a male client, he voices that he really appreciates his family, likes his job, and enjoys groups in which he volunteers. According to Maslow's theory, what is this client experiencing?Self-actualizationThe nurse knows that the major concept of the systems theory is that individuals are viewed as functioning:Within a set of interacting and related unitsGroup therapy, which assists in relieving emotional distress and encourages psychological and behavioral changes, was developed following World War II as a result of a:Shortage of psychiatristsBetty Neuman developed the nursing theory that promotes nursing interventions to assist individuals in reaching and maintaining the highest level of wellness possible. What is this theory known as?Systems modelFollowing an argument with his daughter, a father takes away her phone privileges. He later feels guilty about the argument and asks her if she would like to go shopping for new clothes. What is this defense mechanism known as?RestitutionA female client with low self-esteem tries to dress and act like the nurse who cares for her in an outpatient clinic setting. This behavior is an example of which defense mechanism?IdentificationDuring group therapy, certain group change mechanisms may be observed. When an individual engages in helping others, resulting in improvement in his or her own self-esteem, which group change mechanism has the individual experienced?altruismA client is granted permission to watch a favorite television show in the evening because she participated in an occupational therapy activity. Her therapist bases this on ______ theory.BehavioralA client does not participate in group sessions due to feeling inferior to others in the group. Based on cognitive theory, he would be directed to:Recognize and change his negative thoughtsWhich of the following assessment parameters is a priority in a biobehavioral model of practice?Blood chemistryThe nurse who feels the most beneficial part of the client's inpatient stay is the establishment of an interpersonal relationship with the nurse is an example of which nursing theorist?PeplauFreud's psychoanalytical theory states that an adult is more likely to be mentally healthy if there is a balance between which parts of the mind? (Select all that apply.)- Id - Ego - SuperegoPsychobiology theory considers the causes of mental illness to be which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Genetics - Neurotransmitter activity - Immune system dysfunctionFreud believed that an individual's personality developed through stages of sexual instinct from birth to adulthood. This is known as the __________ theory of personality development.PsychosexualDr. Sigmund Freud believed that a person's unconscious thoughts and emotions affect his or her behavior. The now well-known therapy that he developed to explore an individual's unconscious thoughts is referred to as ____________.PsychoanalysisGood problem-solving is necessary for the mentally healthy individual. Place the steps of the problem-solving process in order. (Separate letters by a comma and space as follows: A, B, C, D, E, F, G) a. Examine all possible options b. Examine outcomes of the option's application c. State the problem d. Evaluate and revise actions based on outcomes e. Collect information about the problem f. Choose the best option, and apply it to the problem g. Identify the causes or patterns of the problem1. State the problem 2. Collect information about the problem 3. Identify the causes or patterns of the problem 4. Examine all possible options 5. Choose the best option, and apply it to the problem 6. Examine outcomes of the option's application 7. Evaluate and revise actions based on outcomesAn adult female client becomes combative with the nurse during routine medication administration. What is the nurse's primary responsibility in this situation?To ensure that the client is kept safe while trying to protect staff safety and to reason with the client to try to de-escalate the combative behaviorA nurse is trying to develop trust with a client on an inpatient mental health unit. Which action by the nurse is going to best promote development of a mutually trusting relationship?At the beginning of the shift, the nurse promises to play a game of cards with the client at some point during that day and does so before the end of the shift.An adult female client is exhibiting behavior that the nurse interprets as anger toward another client. What is the nurse's best action?Talk with the client about the observations made, and ask whether she was displaying anger toward the other clientA nurse and an adolescent female client develop a plan of care together that addresses the client's difficult relationship with her parents. The client says that her parents just don't understand her, and she is always getting privileges taken away for not doing things that she is supposed to do. What is the nurse's best action?Identify two priority responsibilities that are agreed upon between the client and her parents, and monitor her ability to comply with the plan for 1 week__________ coping mechanisms are means of successfully solving a problem or reducing one's stress level.ConstructiveA married woman, who is the mother of two children, has been in an abusive relationship for 4 years. She decides to leave her husband after suffering an episode of severe physical abuse. She and her children, ages 7 and 9, arrive at a crisis intervention center. What is the nurse's priority intervention?Offer immediate emotional supportA male client with the diagnosis of depression has not attended his last two group meetings. The nurse provides a printed schedule of meeting dates and times to the client the next time she sees him. The nurse's actions can be described as:Client advocacyAn adolescent female client continually displays a negative attitude toward everyone she comes into contact with and toward life in general. Which action should the nurse implement first that will be helpful in assisting this client to develop a more positive attitude?Helping the client recognize negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudesA caregiver is said to be practicing __________ care not only when she takes into consideration the client's actual or potential problems but also when she considers the client's family, work responsibilities, and social aspects of life. Which of the following best describes this caregiving concept?HolisticA client is believed to have adapted to a situation when he or she exhibits which characteristic?The client has shown improvement in behavior as evidenced by the ability to carry out activities normal to his or her life.One of the goals of therapy established with a client on a mental health unit who has been given a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is to improve his feelings of stability in his environment. Much of his OCD behavior manifests as cleanliness and control of germs. Which nursing intervention most likely would help this client to feel more stable in his environment?Allowing him to wash his hands only for an agreed upon number of times dailyWhich is the best way that a nursing unit manager can assist his or her staff in maintaining a professional commitment to their job and profession?Frequently offering and requiring a specific number of hours of in-service training on new care modalities within the facilityThe nurse is working with a male client to instill a feeling of self-commitment, to improve his self-esteem. From which of the following interventions would the client most benefit?Having the client promise himself that he will do the best he can in a particular situation, knowing that failure is a possibilityThe nurse is working with a health care team with the philosophy of reality therapy. The nurse is aware that the team's belief is centered around:Describing clients as irresponsible rather than mentally illA busy community mental health center treats a client who is in crisis. The client is provided with instruction on relaxation exercises, but throws them away. Two weeks later the staff is dismayed when the client returns with her condition worsened. This lack of success after the previous visit is due to which of the following factors?PseudoresolutionA client is monopolizing a group session, not allowing other members to participate. What is the most appropriate way to address the client?You need to stop this behavior. Let's see what others have to say.The night before her final exam, the nursing student cannot sleep and is convinced she will fail. Which of the following actions will help to promote a more positive outlook?Visualize staying relaxed during the exam and successfully passing.A client with frequent re-admissions to the inpatient unit refuses to eat or participate in activities. The nurse functions as the client advocate by which of the following actions?Providing consistent encouragement to attend activities and having food availableIdentify the stages experienced by a person in a crisis. (Select all that apply.)- Recovery - Disorganization - Crisis - Denial - Reorganization - PerceptionWhich of the following are signs that indicate that the mental health nurse is becoming overly involved with a client's care? (Select all that apply.)- Showing greater levels of concern for one client over all other clients - Feeling that the nurse is the only caregiver who understands the clientAn important component of providing good care is for health caregivers to take care of, or nurture, themselves. Which of the following are ways that effectively assist health caregivers to nurture themselves? (Select all that apply.)- Be supportive of colleagues. - Recognize and accept ones own limitations, and strive to improve. - Take pride in oneself. - Be responsible and accountable for ones own actions.A recently widowed 74-year-old male is seen in the mental health clinic for sleep disorders and depression. Which of the following nursing actions demonstrate caring? (Select all that apply.)- Providing a private place to interview the client - Delegating other tasks to a colleague while speaking to the client - Asking about his daily activities and hobbies during the interview__________ mechanisms are thoughts or actions that are used to help individuals handle or reduce stress.copingPlace in the proper order the steps in the process of growing as a result of failure. a. Consider one's failure as a learning experience b. Give oneself permission to fail c. Understand that failure is a necessary part of change d. Discover opportunities that are created by failure1. Understand that failure is a necessary part of change 2. Give oneself permission to fail 3. Consider one's failure as a learning experience 4. Discover opportunities that are created by failureThe nurse asks the client a series of questions upon entry into a mental health care system. This action is an example of which phase of the nursing process?assessmentA nurse administers antidepressant medication to a client in an assisted-living facility. This is an example of which phase of the nursing process?interventionFollowing completion of a male client's series of group therapy sessions, the nurse periodically talks with the client to determine whether he has any signs of relapse of his previous problems. This action by the nurse is an example of:AssessmentDuring a session with a female client with a diagnosis of social phobia, she talks about how proud she is of herself because she was finally able to shop at the grocery store. The nurse documents the events and knows that this would be considered which phase of the nursing process?evaluationThe treatment team meets with a client for the first time and determines, with the client's input, a nursing diagnosis, goal, and steps to reach this goal. In addition to a nursing diagnosis, the treatment team has completed which phase of the nursing process?PlanningWithout assessment of six specific aspects of an individual's being, the mental health nurse's scope of care is narrow and limited in effectiveness. These aspects include social, physical, cultural, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual areas of a person's life, known as a __________ assessment.HolisticThe nurse is reviewing information regarding a female client that was obtained with the psychiatric assessment tool. The client's ability to provide food and shelter for herself is included in which area of the assessment?Coping responses, discharge planning needsDuring an interview with a 15-year-old female client admitted for depression, the nurse is disappointed to learn that the client recently became pregnant and had an abortion. The nurse is contradicting the effective interview guideline of:Avoiding ones personal values that may cloud professional judgmentA male client with a history of schizophrenia was admitted to the mental health facility after he was found on the street confused and uncooperative when approached by the police. One of the first assessments that should be performed on this client upon admission is a:physical assessmentDuring the mental status examination, the nurse observes that the client rapidly changes from one idea to another related thought. Which disordered thinking process is the client displaying?flight of ideasWhen reviewing the nursing notes from the previous shift, the nurse notices notations indicating that the client was experiencing a somnolent level of consciousness. The client's behavior would be described as:"Falling asleep easily and only awakening with strong verbal stimuli"During the mental status assessment, the nurse hands the client a piece of paper that reads "Please raise your left hand." If the client follows the command, the nurse has just assessed which ability of the client?readingA nurse educates a client on medication side effects and verbal feedback of understanding is given by the client. Which phase of the nursing process is being described?evaluationComponents of the sociocultural assessment include a history interview for the purpose of obtaining information about a client's background and:Observing the client's appearance, behaviors, and attitudesA client with a history of delusions demonstrates which of the following behaviors?Insists the government is out to harm themA client complains to the nurse that he has been fired from his fourth job in 10 months because his bosses and co-workers "didn't understand him." While he once had a few close friends, he no longer associates with them for the same reason. His level of functioning on the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale would be:41-50; serious symptomsThe nurse suspects the client is experiencing a manic episode based on which of the following observations?Clothing is very colorful and mismatched, and client cannot sit in chair during interview.A client seen in the emergency department is noted to be stuporous. Which of the following assessment findings would be of most concern?Painting furniture in a windowless roomUpon entrance into a mental health care system, clients are thoroughly assessed, and this is followed by the development of a mental health treatment plan. Which of the following are purposes of the treatment plan? (Select all that apply.)- A means of monitoring the clients progress - An instrument for communication and coordination of care - A guide for planning and implementation of care - Evaluating the effectiveness of interventionsThe assessment phase of the nursing process refers to the phase when data collection occurs. Which methods does the nurse use to collect data? (Select all that apply.)- Interviewing the client and significant others - Observing client behavior - Performing physical assessment - Reviewing diagnostic testing resultsDuring the sociocultural assessment of a client who is entering a mental health program, the nurse focuses on which information related to the client? (Select all that apply.)- Education - Income - Ethnicity - Age - Gender - Belief systemShort-term memory loss is seen in which of the following disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Depression - Alzheimers disease - Anxiety__________ is how the client displays his or her emotions through facial, vocal, or gestural behavior.affectList the five steps of the nursing process in proper order.1. Assessment 2. nursing diagnosis 3. planning 4. intervention 5. evaluationA male client with a diagnosis of schizophrenia begins to have hallucinations during a conversation with the nurse; this prevents him from receiving the message that the nurse is trying to communicate to him. According to Ruesch's theory of communication, this unsuccessful interaction is called:Disturbed communicationThe theorist Eric Berne theorized that an individual's three ego states of parent, child, and adult make up one's:PersonalityThe nursing student is assigned a client to interview and is asked to practice the therapeutic communication technique of sharing perceptions. Which statement made by the student nurse best describes this technique?"I noticed that you pace the halls, and you have a tense look on your face. I sense that you are anxious about something."The nurse is talking with a male client regarding his recent relapse of alcohol addiction. The client alludes to the fact that he started to drink again after a fight with his wife. The nurse uses clarification to ensure an accurate understanding of the client. Which statement is the best example of clarification?"Could you tell me again when and what happened that you feel caused you to start drinking again?"A female client discusses her feelings of jealousy regarding the relationship between her mother and her daughter. The nurse responds in a nontherapeutic way by making a statement that is defensive and challenging. Which statement is the best example of a defensive and challenging nontherapeutic response?"Don't you think that you should be thankful that your daughter has a good relationship with her grandmother?"A female client has been attending group therapy for support regarding an abusive relationship with her husband. The client voices concern about her 10-year-old daughter growing up in this environment but states that she just can't find the strength to leave her husband. The nurse responds by using the nontherapeutic technique of reassuring. Which statement is the best example of this nontherapeutic technique?"I'm sure it won't be that bad to be out on your own. I know you can do it."Therapeutic communication techniques support effective communication between the client and the nurse. Which group of therapeutic techniques is most likely to be effective when one is conversing with a client?Listening, silence, and reflectionWhile the nurse is talking with a female client, the client becomes silent for several seconds. Which is the nurse's best response?To remain silent and be attentive to the client's nonverbal communicationA client who usually is very active in her therapy group tells the nurse that she really does "not feel well today" and would "rather not attend the group therapy session." Which is the nurse's most appropriate response?"You don't feel like attending the group therapy today?"The nurse is talking with a male client with a diagnosis of schizophrenia who often experiences auditory hallucinations. For this communication to be most effective, the nurse should:Use simple, concrete language.The nurse's ability to interpret communication effectively in the mental health setting depends mostly on:The nurse's ability to listen to and observe the client's verbal and nonverbal messagesWhich nurse response is the best example of the therapeutic principle of respect?"I hear how worried you are about your future and can imagine how you feel."A female client is being discharged from an inpatient mental health unit after receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. She has responded well to treatment but voices concern about going home and maintaining balance in her life. The client would benefit most by a response from the nurse that conveyed the therapeutic communication principle of:ProtectionA nurse has just graduated from nursing school and has been hired on a mental health unit. The nurse wants to practice good communication skills with clients but knows that a mistake made by many new nurses in trying to communicate effectively involves:parrotingA client has difficulty in communicating as a result of his illness. He displays a rapid, confusing delivery of speech patterns. Which term best describes this difficulty in communicating?Speech clutteringWhen practicing therapeutic communication with a client, the nurse demonstrates which of the following listening skills?Changing the environment to decrease distractionsThe nurse asks a client how she is feeling, and the client provides a detailed description of everything she is experiencing. This is an example of:circumstantialityThe client tells the nurse that she believes there is no improvement in her manic episodes. Her clothing matches and her makeup is more subdued. She sits quietly in the chair during the session. What does this indicate?Verbal communication is not congruent with nonverbal communication.When asking the adolescent client about the magazine she is reading, she responds, "It's an article about my favorite movie star. Did you see all the stars out last night? I used to be afraid of the dark at night." Which speech pattern is this an example of?Loose associationWhich elements must be present for communication to occur? (Select all that apply.)- Feedback - Transmission - Sender - Receiver - ContextWhich interventions assist the nurse to effectively communicate with clients from other cultures? (Select all that apply.)- The nurse adapts his or her behavior to accommodate the difference in communication styles. - The nurse identifies and clarifies confusion during the interaction.Which nurse responses could block effective communication with a client? (Select all that apply.)- "This is what I think you should say..." - "Don't stress over it. Everything will turn out fine." - "Why did you do that?" - "Most people in your circumstance..."In order to be therapeutic when communicating with a client living in a homeless shelter, it is important to apply which techniques? (Select all that apply.)- Show acceptance and respect - Consider the client's environment - Assess the client's pattern of verbal and nonverbal communication__________ is the transferring between people of information, including ideas, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes.communicationDuring the process of communication, a chain of events occurs as soon as the message is sent. Steps in this chain include transmission, perception, and evaluation. Place these steps in proper order.1. Perception 2. Evaluation 3. TransmissionThe nurse is attempting to develop trust with a newly admitted female client for the purpose of establishing a therapeutic relationship. The nurse is currently administering medications to all clients on the unit. The newly admitted client asks the nurse to sit and talk with her for a while. What is the nurse's best response?I have to finish giving all the clients their medications, but I will then come back so we can talk."A nurse is working with a male client in a mental health outpatient clinic. The client voices a desire to become more autonomous. Which goal will assist the client in becoming more autonomous?The client will check his calendar each night to plan for commitments scheduled on the following day.An important aspect of developing a therapeutic relationship with a mental health client is for the nurse to show that she cares about the client. The nurse who is working on an inpatient unit can show signs of caring by:Asking a client what his or her favorite movie is, then showing that movie during a movie night on the unitThe nurse is caring for a female client with a diagnosis of severe bipolar disorder. Out of many treatment methods, the one treatment that the client and the team have found to be most effective is the medication lithium. The client voices concern about her future with this diagnosis. Which nurse response best represents the concept of hope?"You are doing very well since we found that lithium helps. You should do well as long as you continue your therapy and medication."A male client with schizophrenia has lost his job and home and has been living in a homeless shelter. He voluntarily admits himself into a mental health treatment facility. The client's current living situation and lack of a job at this time likely will contribute to his having difficulty with which dimension of hope?ContextualA female client with obsessive-compulsive disorder is undergoing treatment in an outpatient setting and is attending group therapy sessions. She is working on controlling the compulsion of touching her head three times every time she talks. To maintain the therapeutic relationship established with the client, by which action can the nurse show acceptance?Ignoring the compulsion during the group therapy session and talking with the client privately about the behaviorThe characteristic of genuineness helps in establishing a therapeutic relationship with a client. Which nurse response is the best example of a display of genuineness to a client who is going through a difficult divorce?I have friends who have gone through a divorce. It must be difficult for you.During the preparation phase of a therapeutic relationship with a client, what is the main task to be completed by the nurse?To gather and review all possible information regarding the clientWhen should the nurse begin preparations for the termination phase of a therapeutic relationship?Prior to the last meetingThe nurse is preparing an adult male client, who has been successfully treated for a social phobia, for the termination phase of the therapeutic relationship. During their last meeting, the client told the nurse that he noticed he has developed a nervous habit that started a few days ago of checking his door at home several times a day to be sure it is locked. This client is exhibiting the client response to termination known as:continuationWhen a caregiver becomes a role model for a client during a therapeutic relationship, the caregiver is functioning in the role of a:change agentA male client is being discharged from a mental health facility and is worried about what to tell his friends and co-workers regarding his time away. The nurse helps the client plan what to say to others about his disease. The nurse is functioning in the role of:teacherA female client is admitted with suicidal tendencies. The client is placed in suicide precautions for the first 24 hours of her stay. Ensuring client safety is included in the therapeutic role of:technicianThe nurse who is caring for a client begins to have very protective feelings toward the client that are interfering with the therapeutic relationship between the nurse, the client, and the client's family. This is an example of a problem that is encountered in some therapeutic relationships and is known as:CountertransferenceA 19-year-old male client is being treated for a drug addiction. He continually voices his dread of being discharged because he knows he will have to live with his parents and follow their rules until he can earn enough money to live on his own. He is showing increasing resistance to treatment measures, such as attending group sessions, and is refusing to acknowledge that he has an addiction or that he needs treatment. Which behavior is the client demonstrating?Secondary resistanceA client response to the termination phase of the therapeutic relationship is withdrawal. This response most often is manifested by client behaviors such as:Being absent from appointmentsA 22-year-old woman with depression misses her scheduled meeting with the nurse. Although they have established a contract to meet on an agreed upon schedule, the nurse understands that the client is still testing the relationship and working on trusting her care provider. This behavior usually manifests itself during which phase of the therapeutic relationship?orientationThe new nurse confides to his supervisor, "I am feeling frustrated. Mr. J has been doing so well in dealing with his issues over the last month, and today he refused to discuss anything productive in our session." What is the most appropriate response?"During the working phase the client may have growth and resistance."Which of the following actions indicates that the nurse has gone beyond the boundaries of the client-caregiver relationship?The nurse defends the client to her family and the staff.As the nurse begins to discuss discharge plans for a 45-year-old female client hospitalized for anxiety, the client states, "You never really cared whether I get better! Why not stop this charade?" The nurse recognizes this to beTransferenceFor which roles is the caregiver responsible in a therapeutic relationship? (Select all that apply.)- Teacher - Therapist - Technician - Change agentWhich of the following are characteristics of a therapeutic relationship? (Select all that apply.)- Acceptance - Rapport - Genuineness - Therapeutic use of selfA 75-year-old male client is brought to the clinic by his son. The son states, "Ever since Mom died, Dad hasn't been the same. At first he just seemed sad, but now he seems to get mixed up about everything." The nurse is aware that based on the client's history, the source of confusion is most likely:Depression from the loss of his wifeVascular dementia is more common in individuals living in:JapanA newly admitted elderly client seems to become confused and agitated every evening after dinner. This client most likely is suffering from:Sundown syndromeThe elderly spouse of a 74-year-old male client states that she has noticed that her husband "doesn't remember as well as he used to." She explains that he has been putting on his coat before his shirt, and that he can never get their checkbook to balance as it did in the past. The client is exhibiting signs and symptoms typical of:Alzheimer's diseaseThe affective losses of Alzheimer's disease refer to losses noticed in the individual's:PersonalityThe average time that a person with Alzheimer's disease lives after diagnosis is:8 yearsFor those family members who desire to care at home for loved ones who have been given a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, it is important for the nurse to ensure that the family is aware of which caregiver skills and responsibilities will be necessary. What is one of the responsibilities of the caregiver during the middle stage of the disease?Adapting to the changing personality and behavior of the loved oneThe nurse is answering questions from a client and his family regarding a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The client asks how effective medication is in treating the disease. What is the nurse's best response?"Medications for the disease have been found to improve thinking abilities, behavior, and daily functioning in some clients."Which of the following is an effective communication technique that should be included in the teaching plan for the family members of a woman in whom Alzheimer's disease has been diagnosed recently?Use simple, familiar words, along with short and simple sentences.The elderly spouse of a female Alzheimer's client states that his wife seems to wander aimlessly from room to room looking for things in incorrect places, such as kitchen utensils in the bedroom and laundry detergent in the kitchen. He asks the nurse for suggestions of what he can do to help her. What is the nurse's best response?"Place large signs on doors or entryways that identify the room."The nurse performs a functional assessment of a client upon admission to a home health service. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the client's:Ability to perform activities of daily livingA 72-year-old client with dementia, who resides in a long-term care facility, frequently goes to her room and cries because she misses her children. This client could benefit most from which intervention?Audio presence therapyThe medication donepezil (Aricept) frequently is used to treat the early-stage symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. When administering this particular medication, the nurse should be especially alert to assess the client for:Alterations in blood pressureWhich symptom of Alzheimer's disease is associated with disorientation to time and place?Forgetting where one livesAn elderly woman is brought to the clinic by her daughter. The client states that she has had a cold for several days. Her daughter states that her mother has been confused about when her routine medications are to be taken and that her mother has never experienced confusion about her medications before. Based on this information, it is important that the nurse ask the client whether:She has taken any over-the-counter medications for her coldThe daughter of an elderly nursing home resident is crying outside her father's room. When the nurse comforts her, she states, "It is so hard to come here to visit when my father doesn't even know who I am." The nurse knows the client is in which stage of Alzheimer's disease?Intermediate stageA 75-year-old man finds that he continually misplaces items he uses every day. In addition, his wife becomes annoyed when he asks the same question several times because he does not remember the answer. What advice is the most appropriate for his health care provider to give him?Further assessment is needed to determine the cause of these symptoms.The most common severe cognitive impairment in the United States is Alzheimer's dementia. What percentage of the population over the age of 85 are at risk for getting the disease?50%Which client exhibits signs and symptoms of delirium and not dementia or depression?The onset is sudden and acute.The nurse anticipates that the normal aging process of losing neurons and shrinkage of brain size will result in which assessment findings in older adults? (Select all that apply.)- Slower response times - Deficiencies in short-term memoryWhich characteristics are commonly seen in clients with dementia? (Select all that apply.)- Gradual onset - Poor short-term memory - Problems with judgment - Poor remote memory - Difficulty with abstract thinking - Personality changesWhich interventions will help to lessen the effects of sundown syndrome? (Select all that apply.)- Assist in toileting to prevent incontinence. - Turn on lights before the room gets dark. - Provide companionship. - Reduce environmental stimulation at dinner. - Maintain clients familiar routine.When a client has a mild level of anxiety, his or her emotional response is:relaxed and calmA female college student is seeking help from the counseling center for test anxiety. She reports that during an exam, she "freezes," and says, "It feels like the time I have to take the exam is racing by, and I can't answer any of the questions when I know the answers." Which level of anxiety is the client experiencing?severeA learned response to an anticipated event, such as when a person who does not like to fly experiences nausea and sweaty palms before boarding an airplane, is best described as:Signal anxietyA client tells the nurse that exercising in the gym helps him keep his stress level reduced. Which type of coping mechanism best describes this situation?physicalThe charge nurse is angry with another nurse who has arrived one hour after the shift begins. Rather than expressing her anger, the nurse avoids confrontation by denying approval of the nurse's requested vacation day. What does this behavior demonstrate?substitutionThe nurse is aware that several theories have been proposed to explain anxiety. Which theory explains anxiety as a result of interactions with others?Interpersonal modelAdolescents who ineffectively cope with anxiety often express their anxiety through:inappropriate behaviorsWhat is the term for physical expression of anxiety by an individual in ways such as nausea or headaches?SomatizationWhich term best describes an individual's feelings of anxiety that are broad, long-lasting, and excessive?generalized anxiety disorderA client has constant thoughts about locking his front door every time he leaves his house. This client is experiencing a/an:obsessionWhich is a typical symptom of posttraumatic stress disorder?flashbacksThe treatment team and a male client in whom obsessive-compulsive disorder associated with hand washing has been diagnosed decide on a treatment plan for the disorder. The nurse begins to implement the plan by having the client gradually extend the time between hand washes. This intervention is an example of which type of therapy?desensitizationA female client is taking a benzodiazepine for her anxiety disorder. She complains of anorexia and nausea since she started taking the medication a few days ago. What is the nurse's best response?"Try taking the medication with food or milk, and see if the symptoms improve."A male client has had agoraphobia for several years. In the past 2 years, he has not left his home, and he only speaks to people on the phone occasionally. Which nursing diagnosis has the highest priority in this situation?social isolationOf individuals who suffer from panic attacks, __________% are women.50Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder can occur in children as young as:3 years oldAn adolescent caught stealing a classmate's laptop says that he needed it to write his paper and that the classmate "has enough money to buy another one anyway." This adolescent is demonstrating which of the following defense mechanisms?rationalizationOn the morning of a final exam, a student is feeling tense and excited, with her heart rate and breathing slightly increased. She is feeling energized and alert, with her attention focused on the exam. Based on these findings what advice can the student be given?The level of anxiety described should allow for a positive outcome.A 6-year-old is preparing to have a dental procedure. His anxious mother is in the room with him. When the child asks if everything will be okay, she assures him it will but continues to pace and wring her hands. What is the most appropriate action for the dentist to take?Request that the mother wait in the waiting room.The nurse is meeting with a client suffering from agoraphobia who recently moved to the United States from a country where acts of violence and civil unrest are common. The theoretical model that links anxiety to the uncontrollable events the client experienced in his previous country is the ____________ model.environmentalWhich statements best describe an anxiety disorder? (Select all that apply.)- Anxiety is expressed in ineffective ways. - Coping mechanisms do not relieve anxiety.Which symptoms may be seen in a person who is having a panic attack? (Select all that apply.)- Shortness of breath - Fear of dying - Palpitations - Chills - Feelings of depersonalizationWhich of the following activities are examples of addictive behaviors? (Select all that apply.)- Gambling - Shopping - Working - Excessive sexual activity__________ refers to a vague, uneasy feeling of uncertainty and helplessness.anxietyWhen an individual uses psychological strategies to cope with stressors in an attempt to decrease anxiety, this person is using a __________.defense mechanism__________ is a defense mechanism that is characterized by redirecting one's energy to another person or object.displacementA prolonged emotional state that influences one's whole personality and life functioning is called:moodThe moods of adolescents:vary widelyDepression in the elderly is:commonTheories that view depression as a group of learned responses are called ____ theories.behavioralSevere, prolonged depression affects a person's risk for physical illness by ____ the risk.increasingA disorder defined as daily moderate depression that lasts longer than 2 years is called a(n) ____ disorder.DysthymicThe client lives his life by rapidly bouncing from feelings of deep sadness to great joy. The client's diagnosis is most likely:bipolar disorderRecent studies have demonstrated that daily exposure to full-spectrum light (phototherapy) is most effective in improving symptoms in people who are experiencing:seasonal affective disorderThe goal of treatment during the first phase of depression is to:Reduce symptoms and inappropriate behaviorsThe nurse must be alert to signs of suicidal thoughts with clients in whom major depressive disorders have been diagnosed because approximately __________ die from suicide.15%During the continuation phase of therapy, a client with a diagnosis of depression asks, "What is the goal of therapy during this 4- to 9-month period?" What is the nurse's best response?"Our goal is to prevent you from relapsing and experiencing distressing emotional states."A client with major depressive disorder is scheduled for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Which point will the nurse teach the client?"You will most likely receive between 6 and 12 treatments over several weeks."A client asks the nurse which types of antidepressants have the fewest side effects. What is the nurse's most accurate response?Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)A male client with bipolar disorder who takes lithium tells the nurse that he has been "nauseous a lot lately", "feels tired", and has had "some blurry vision." The client most likely is suffering from what level of lithium toxicity?moderateWhich one of the following is a biological cause of mood disorders?imbalance of neurotransmittersA client seen in the community mental health clinic appears for one appointment in multiple layers of brightly colored clothing. Her speech is very pressured, and she is telling everyone in the waiting room about a date she had the previous evening. The next visit she is dressed in old, drab clothes without makeup. She has flat affect and is not making eye contact. The most probable cause of her behaviors is which of the following conditions?Bipolar I disorderWhich client would be a candidate for ECT?A client with severe, long-lasting depressionWhich client is suffering from a major depressive episode?A 50-year-old male who has been depressed for a month and is contemplating suicideWhich statements regarding depression are correct? (Select all that apply.)- It occurs in all age groups. - It occurs in women more often than in men. - It is common in those who must cope with illness. - It is one of the most common and treatable mental disordersIn which groups does postpartum depression occur more frequently? (Select all that apply.)- Women who have had a difficult delivery - Women who experienced complicated pregnancies - Women who are not emotionally prepared for motherhoodA client is experiencing an episode at the level of mania. Which behaviors are characteristic of this level? (Select all that apply.)- Unstable affect - Pressured speechWhich of the following statements are true regarding depression in the elderly? (Select all that apply.)- The highest rates are among individuals who receive long-term care. - Depression is higher in elderly women than elderly men. - Older adults express feelings of depression in more subtle ways than youngerWhich group of medications for depression will the nurse tell the client to take at bedtime? (Select all that apply.)- Tricyclic antidepressants - Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)__________ is the electrolyte that the nurse must teach the client to monitor in his or her diet when taking lithium.SodiumThe human physiological stress response mechanism is also called the ____ response.fight or flightPeople who are able to recognize and defuse their stressors early ____ suffer from the physical effects of stress.seldomMost psychosomatic problems and somatoform disorders begin in:childhoodThe physiological stress response has an effect on:many body systemsSeveral studies have demonstrated that significant ____ changes occur in people who display hostile or negative behaviors.immune mediatedSomatization disorder is a polysymptomatic disorder, which means that the disorder is associated with ____ symptoms.Many signs andThe client recently witnessed a horrific auto accident. Now she is complaining of double vision, loss of balance, and a constant "lump in her throat." She is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of:conversion disorderLa belle indifference is a characteristic that most often is associated with:conversion disorderThe client can acknowledge the possibility that she exaggerates her symptoms, but she continues to hold on to the belief that something is physically wrong, in the face of evidence to the contrary. What is the client's diagnosis most likely to be?HypochondriasisA soldier arrives at the airport after completing a combat assignment. He reports a new-onset blindness but was able to identify his wife in the crowd awaiting passenger arrivals. He is likely experiencing symptoms of:conversion disorderThe main feature of a factitious disorder is that symptoms are purposefully produced to allow the individual to:Assume the sick roleThe client complains of severe back pain and is excused from work. Later, he is seen water skiing and jogging. These behaviors describe:MalingeringA client is admitted every month for the past four months to the psychiatric hospital with complaints of suicidal thoughts and a plan when his monthly disability income has been spent. This client is exhibiting signs of:MalingeringIn the __________ culture, mental and emotional disorders are expressed as somatoform complaints on the basis of the belief that the body is the property of the ancestors.KoreanA female client frequently complains of chest pain, has had extensive physiological testing with negative results, and sees several different medical doctors. This client is exhibiting signs and symptoms characteristic of:HypochondriasisYour client is a wife and mother who, in addition to doing most of the household tasks, has a difficult time saying no to helping out with functions at school and church. Based on Fromm's psychodynamic theory, what illness is she more prone to develop?gastric ulcerOnce the acute feelings of illness are resolved, what is an appropriate intervention when treating a client with a psychosocial problem?Minimize secondary gainsA mother brings her 9-month-old son to the emergency department because he stopped breathing at home. She demands that he receive a full diagnostic work-up. When asked for the name of her pediatrician, she states she has not found one she is satisfied with. The nurse suspects:Munchausen's syndrome by proxyA woman arrives at the hospital complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. She has come in several times over the past two weeks, and the staff is doubtful that her symptoms are real. What is the first action for the health care team to implement?Complete a history, physical, and diagnostics.Which of the following are characteristics of somatoform disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Relieve anxiety - Have no organic medical source - Significantly impair one's level of functioning - Occur in clients who are unaware of or unable to express emotional distressWhich are the essential features of conversion disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Deficits in motor function - Deficits in sensory functionWhich of the following are indicative of hypochondriasis? (Select all that apply.)- First diagnosed following a severe stressor - More frequent in person exposed to a serious illness in childhood - Sufferers usually have strained interpersonal relationships__________ is the biochemical fight-or-flight response that is a survival tool against stressors.General Adaptation SyndromeIn the past, disorders that were emotionally related to physical problems were called __________ illnesses.psychosomaticTrends that have contributed to the recent increase in eating disorders in the United States include a(n):Focus on being thin as a measure of attractivenessWhat is the main issue for adolescents with anorexia?controlWhich disorder is associated with persons with a body weight that is normal or even slightly above average?bulimiaThe persistent eating of nonfood items such as clay, laundry starch, insects, leaves, or pebbles that lasts for longer than 1 month is called:PicaThe main focus of medical management for anorexia is to:Encourage the client to eat voluntarilyAlthough all age groups can be affected, sleep disorders occur most frequently in:older adulthoodThe inability to fall asleep or stay asleep is called:insomniaA disorder that interrupts normal sleep patterns and is characterized by repeated, brief jerks of the arms and legs that occur every 20 to 60 seconds during the beginning of sleep is called:nocturnal myoclonusSleep disorders that are characterized by abnormal behavioral or physical events during sleep are called:parasomniasSleep terrors usually occur only once a night, during stages 3 and 4 of NREM sleep. They are often accompanied by which physical sign?Intense stressThe first step in the treatment of sleep disorders is to:Teach preventionThe collection of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that relate to one's size and appearance is called:body imageThe average age for onset of anorexia nervosa is:17 years oldThe nurse who is caring for a 23-year-old client with bulimia knows that the most common method of purging to monitor this client for is:vomitingThe nurse who works in a sleep clinic knows that approximately __________% of adults suffer from insomnia30-40During an episode of binge eating, what type of food is usually consumed in large amounts?Cakes, donuts, or sweetsA client with a diagnosis of anorexia is admitted to an inpatient setting. Which therapeutic intervention is used with caution prior to stabilization and weight gain?Administering antidepressantsWhich of the following persons is most likely a candidate for primary hypersomnia?An 18-year-old college student whose mother complains he sleeps all night and still naps during the dayA policeman complains of feeling tired and not able to sleep for an extended period of time after being assigned to work the night shift. He is most likely suffering from:circadian rhythm sleep disorderWhich of the following conditions are eating disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Pica - Purging - Binge eatingWhich are key features of anorexia nervosa? (Select all that apply.)- Severe weight loss - Introverted personality - Hunger is deniedWhat are the criteria for the diagnosis of bulimia? (Select all that apply.)- Excessive emphasis placed on body shape and weight - Eating binges at least twice per week for at least 3 monthsThe death rate from anorexia is higher than any other mental illness. Death usually results from which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Dehydration - Loss of critical muscle mass - Electrolyte imbalances - SuicideThe medical term for a sleep test is __________.polysomnogramThe use of inappropriate, harmful, or destructive behaviors to express current or past emotions is defined as:Acting outToddlers often express their anger through:temper tantrumsIn the assault cycle, people are unable to listen to reason, follow directions, or engage in mental exercises during the stage of:crisisCrisis interventions are very successful if begun early in the assault cycle, in the ____ stage.triggerPersons who naturally relate aggressively to others, seldom have empathy, and lack appropriate guilt feelings are given the diagnosis of ____ disorder.conductEmotional or behavioral problems that develop in response to an identifiable source and last no longer than 6 months are called ____ disorders.adjustmentLevel one interventions for potentially assaultive clients should be practiced as:preventive measuresInterventions for assaultive clients that focus on protecting the client and others from potential harm are level ____ interventionstwoRestrained clients must be monitored and their condition documented at least every ____ minutes.15As long as the client is limiting her behaviors to verbal assaults and harmless physical movements,the acting out may continueInterventions that help caregivers the most in coping with their own anger focus on:Learning to effectively control feelings of angerWhich situation would most negatively affect a female client with a diagnosis of adjustment disorder?Beginning college after graduating from high school 12 years agoA married couple is seeking counseling for domestic abuse issues. The husband states that he can't control his anger when his wife constantly nags at him. In the assault cycle, the wife's behavior in this situation is the stage known as:triggerA male client is being seen for anger management issues following an incident in which he was late for work, became angry at the driver in front of him for not driving faster, and intentionally ran into the car at a stop sign. This client is displaying actions most typical of:intermittent explosive disorderAn intramuscular injection of an antianxiety agent is administered to a client who has become violent toward the staff in the emergency room. This is an example of what level of therapeutic intervention?threeWhich of the following persons is exhibiting passive aggression?The woman who agrees to cover a coworker's shift and complains to customers that she is supposed to be homeChildren in preadolescence have started to channel aggression through which positive activity?organized sportsA 15-year-old female is seen in the clinic for episodes of cutting herself since her parents divorced six months ago. Which nursing diagnosis is a priority for this client?Behavior, risk-prone healthA man who hit his wife yesterday, causing her to fall and break her arm, has called out of work today to take care of her and buy her flowers. He repeatedly tells her how horrible he feels and promises this will never happen again. What stage of the assault is he demonstrating?depression stageWhich mental health problems are categorized as anger control disorders? (Select all that apply.)- Conduct disorder - Impulse-control disorder - Adjustment disorder - Oppositional defiant disorderDuring the psychosocial portion of the assessment of a client with anger, aggression, or violent behavior issues, the nurse will assess which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Coping skills - Value and belief systems - Cultural, spiritual, and occupational interestsWhich of the following psychosocial nursing diagnoses are related to anger and aggression? (Select all that apply.)- Anxiety - Hopelessness - Coping ineffective, individual - Fear__________ is a forceful attitude or action that does not take into consideration others' feelings or needs and may be expressed verbally, physically, or symbolicallyaggression__________ typically express anger and/or aggression with temper tantrumstoddlersThe __________ theory explains aggression and violence as being caused by physical or chemical differences among peoplebiologicalMr. Right employs 22 children in his clothing factory. Each child is no older than 10 years of age and works 11 hours a day, 6 days a week. Mr. Right is practicing:exploitationThe theory that cites poverty, unemployment, and crime as sources of violence is known as the ____ theorysociologicalWhat concept do feminist theories use to explain violence against women?machismoThe term that describes repeated physical abuse, usually of a woman, child, or elder, is:batteringA male who, as a child, observed the women in his family being dominated is, in his own life, more likely to:batterWhenever there is a history of unexplained lethargy, fussiness, or irritability in an infant, caregivers should suspect ____ syndromeshaken babyEating disorders, substance abuse, delinquent behaviors, posttraumatic stress disorder, and suicide most commonly are seen as the result of abuse in this population:adolescentsA physically or mentally impaired older woman who is living with a relative and has a history of unexplained bruises or injuries, burns in unusual places, or poor personal hygiene is likely a victim of:elder abuseA rule of thumb for recovering from a rape or other violent experience states that the greater the force or brutality, the greater the psychological harm and:recovery timeMany victims of violence believe that their abusers may attempt to hurt them again, even as they are seeking help. Recognizing this, the care provider:Does not leave the client aloneBy law, what are health care providers required to do when they encounter incidents of suspected or actual abuse or neglect?report to authoritiesDuring the recoil stage of recovery from violence, the major characteristic is:Struggle to adaptA female who is physically abused by her husband arrives in the emergency department following a serious battering incident. During this phase of the domestic abuse cycle, the nurse expects the client to:Have experienced the battering episode a few days prior to the incidentChild prostitution in Thailand is widespread, and it is estimated that __________% of these children have AIDS.50Which signs and/or symptoms should alert the caregiver to a child who is suffering from neglect?Consistently dirty, hungry, and inappropriately dressedWhen a functional family is faced with a crisis or unexpected situation, which of the following behaviors do they exhibit to overcome it?Maintain clear and supportive communication to address the crisisWhile an abused woman cannot be categorized to fit a specific profile, which of the following traits is most commonly identified?Trusting natureAbuse during pregnancy endangers the health and well-being of the pregnant woman and her fetus. Which complicating factor is seen twice as much in women experiencing abuse during pregnancy?preterm deliveryWhich nursing diagnosis would be most appropriate for an adolescent client suffering from test anxiety who was continually told by her mother that she was inferior to her siblings and could never amount to anything?Self-esteem disturbance, situational low/chronic lowWhich are characteristics of a dysfunctional family? (Select all that apply.)- Inconsistent authority - No clearly defined roles - Members are self-centered - Family boundaries are rigidDuring the first phase of the domestic abuse cycle, the female victim of domestic violence inflicted by a male usually displays which characteristics or behaviors? (Select all that apply.)- Denial of the seriousness of the problem - Blaming alcohol and work for his behaviorA 25-year-old woman expresses concern regarding some of her new boyfriend's behaviors. Which of the following statements might indicate that he has an abusive personality? (Select all that apply.)- Even though they have been dating for less than 2 months, he wants to get married as soon as possible. - He does not allow her to go out with friends unless he accompanies them. - He finds fault with her family and seeks to convince her that they are trying to sabotage her relationship with him. - He has a poor relationship with his own parents, blaming them for not supporting him after he was fired from various jobs__________ refers to a sudden occurrence of physical force that causes harm or injury to another personviolenceThe theory that implies that aggressive and violent behaviors are learned through role modeling of other people is known as the:social learning theory__________ refers to abuse or battering of a family member by another family member.domestic violenceSelf-protective responses are seen in behaviors that meet basic:needsBob drives fast everywhere he goes, especially when he is drinking. Last night, he was arrested for gambling and loud behavior. Bob is engaging in ____ behavior.Indirect self-destructiveSuicide in the United States is:The tenth leading cause of deathThe theory that suicide rates are affected by group support, social changes, regulations, religion, legal sanctions or limitations, and philosophical beliefs is known as the ____ theory.sociologicalChildren are at greater risk for committing suicide if they have ____ problems.mental healthSuicide is attempted three times more frequently by ____ but is more often successfully completed by ____.Adult women, menThe caregiver works with suicidal clients to establish therapeutic rapport. The focused communications and concerned actions encourage suicidal persons to:feel self-worthSuicide attempts by ____ are more successful because one out of every two attempts results in death.older adultsWhen the environment lacks security or presents dangers, the perception that life will be short or will end in violence is most compelling for:adolescentsAll people who commit suicide are depressed or psychotic. This statement is a(n):mythThe nurse is caring for a male client with a major depressive disorder who has not responded well to various treatments in the past. The latest treatment method has resulted in slight improvement in the client's symptoms. On this particular day, the client has a very positive affect and says he feels "amazingly better." The nurse should:Assess the client for signs and symptoms of suicidal thoughtsAn adult female whose fiancé recently called off the wedding attempts suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping medication. Immediately after taking the medication, she calls friends and family to tell them what she has done. Her friends and family activate the emergency response system, and she is taken to the emergency department and is admitted to a mental health facility for monitoring. She is exhibiting signs and symptoms most evident of which suicidal motivational category?cry for helpA terminally ill female client chooses the time and place of her own death. This is an example of:rational suicideAn elderly male client's wife of 50 years recently died from cancer. He suffers from a chronic debilitating illness and has been refusing to eat, drink, or take his medications. This client is displaying behavior characteristic of:passive suicideIn the __________ dimension, an individual who is considering suicide experiences distorted thinking and self-defeating thoughtsintellectualMethods of suicide differ by gender. What is a preferred method of female suicide victims?overdoseBiological studies of suicide victims show an imbalance of which neurotransmitter system?serotoninIn assessing a client for suicide, which finding presents the greatest risk for the client?"I tried to kill myself 6 months ago, but my friend stopped me. The next time, no one will know."After establishing a no-harm contract with the client, the nurse should:Continue to maintain close observationWhich of the following are included in the continuum of self-protective responses? (Select all that apply.)- Suicide - Self-injury - Self-enhancement - Growth promoting risk takingWhich are facts about suicide? (Select all that apply.)- Depression is a high risk factor for attempting suicide. - Giving away important possessions is a sign of suicidal thoughts.Which social factors impact the incidence of suicide? (Select all that apply.)- Social isolation - Legal status of gun ownership - Poverty and homelessness - Veterans of combatStandard interventions implemented in a mental health facility to prevent a client from attempting suicide are called __________.suicide precautions__________ is a term that is used to describe a form of active suicidal behavior, such as gestures, threats, or attempts to end one's own life.Direct self-destructive behavior__________ is when a client thinks or fantasizes about death with no definite intent to commit suicide.suicidal ideationAbused substances are those chemicals that alter the person's perception by affecting the:central nervous systemChildren who are smaller at birth, have small heads (microcephaly), and fail to develop normally have characteristics of:fetal alcohol syndromeWith children younger than 12 years of age, drug abuse:occurs more often than is suspectedThe drug most often abused by adolescents is:alcoholThe client has frequent drug reactions to, and side effects from, his medications. He is 72 years old and lives alone. What should he be assessed for?concurrent substance useThe main active ingredient in coffee, black teas, most cola drinks, and many other bottled beverages that stimulates the nervous system, relieves fatigue, increases alertness, and increases the body's metabolic rate is:caffeineOne begins to prefer being high to other activities during which stage of addiction?early stageSignificant complications such as sudden death due to cardiac dysrhythmia or respiratory depression are associated with the use of:InhalantsFor a substance-related disorder to be diagnosed, the pattern of substance use must lead to:significantly impaired functioning and distressBefore treatment of an addiction can actually begin, many persons first must go through the process of removing the substance from their bodies under medical supervision. This is known as:detoxificationA drug that is taken daily to help reduce the desire for alcohol is:Disulfiram (Antabuse)Typical central nervous system responses when an individual has drunk five or more alcoholic beverages or has a blood alcohol content of 0.20% within a 4-hour period include:The entire motor area of the brain is depressed; individual is staggering, easily angered, and emotional and feels fatigued__________ is a processed stimulant that reaches the brain immediately and produces an intense but short-lived high.crackA male client takes ibuprofen twice a day, every day, for his arthritis. He becomes very anxious when he does not take his normal doses. This client is experiencing:Psychological toleranceThe nurse assessing a newborn shortly after delivery notes that the infant is very jittery, irritable, and has a high-pitched cry. The nurse suspects that the mother took which substance during pregnancy?cocaineThe school nurse reports that a student who was brought to her appears to be tense and angry, and her speech is rapid. She denies use of illegal substances. What does the nurse suspect the student has ingested?RitalinWhich of the following persons is said to have a dual diagnosis?The young adult suffering from psychosis who smokes marijuana regularlyThe family of a 35-year-old alcoholic who refuses to seek treatment reaches out to the community health center for assistance. Which organization should the nurse refer them to for counseling?Al-AnonThe breathing in of volatile substances has become popular with adolescents and young adults because such inhalants are (Select all that apply):- Legal - Inexpensive - Easily obtainedWhich are signs and symptoms most commonly associated with heroin use? (Select all that apply.)- Constricted pupils - Drowsiness - EuphoriaIt is important for the nurse to ensure that the client understands the physical reactions associated with drinking alcohol while taking disulfiram (Antabuse). Which of the following are reactions that may result from ingesting alcohol while taking Antabuse? (Select all that apply.)- Headache - Blurred vision - Nausea - VomitingWhich of the following are interventions included in the plan of care for an individual with substance abuse? (Select all that apply)- Teach client about the negative effects of the disease - Monitor the effects of therapies prescribed to control substance use - Meet physical needs during detoxification - Encourage client to focus on present and future, not only the past__________ is the drug of choice in the treatment of heroin addiction to ease the effects of withdrawal from the drugMethadoneWhen the body physically needs or is dependent on a substance, the individual is said to be __________ to the substance.addictedThe end of the continuum that is marked by sexual actions harmful to self or others in some manner is known as:maladaptiveA strong influence on discussion of sexual issues with clients is the nurse's or caregiver's:Self-awarenessThe caregiver has been assigned to care for Mr. X, a pedophile who is being treated for AIDS. The thought of caring for him disgusts her. The caregiver's therapeutic interactions and interventions are most likely to be:IneffectiveChildren learn to label themselves according to their sex around the age of ____ year(s).2By the time they enter school, it is thought that most children identify with:the same sex parentAn image of the older adult as an asexual, unintelligent person who is not interested in sex represents:mythThe client was injured in a work accident. He now has a fused spine and moves with difficulty. He wonders if he will ever be able to be intimate with his wife. What is the nurse's most accurate response?"You can enjoy a satisfying sex life with some adaptation."People who express their sexuality with members of the opposite sex are:heterosexualExperiencing sexual excitement from wearing the clothing of the opposite sex is defined as:transvestismThe client confides in the nurse that intercourse has been painful since she became menopausal. What is the nurse's most therapeutic response?"Perhaps we can discuss this with your doctor."Between the ages of __________ years, the greatest amount of sexual activity with multiple partners and serial relationships occurs.18 and 24An individual is bisexual. The belief that this individual's sexual variation is related to genetic influences is the belief held by:Biological theoristsA female client is suffering from vaginismus. The nurse is aware that this is a type of:sexual dysfunctionA male client is transsexual and decides to become a female through major surgery and hormonal therapy. The nurse informs the client that this process may be delayed for as long as:2 yearsThe step in process that describes individuals who assume a homosexual lifestyle, are open about their sexuality, and give themselves permission to be who they are is identified as:commitmentThe rate of pregnancy and transmission of HIV is higher in the adolescent population than the general population of sexually active adults due to the fact that adolescents:Utilize ineffective contraceptionAn individual's orientation, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, is established by:Late childhoodWhile performing a search of an adult male's home based on suspicion of criminal activity, the police find pictures of him with young children between the ages of 5 and 10. The pictures are sexual in nature. The man is suspected of:PedophiliaA 68-year-old man is being treated for an enlarged prostate. While discussing health history with the nurse, he states that he seems to be having erectile difficulties and is not sure if it is from his medical condition or the medication he is taking. Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate?sexual dysfunctionWhich are signs of sexual addiction? (Select all that apply.)- Inability to stop - Out-of-control sexual behaviors - Persisting in behaviors despite severe consequences - Spending excessive time pursuing sexual experiencesThe criteria for healthy or adaptive sexual response include (Select all that apply):- Sexual acts between two consenting adults. - Sexual acts that are not forced or coerced. - Sexual acts that are conducted in privacy - Sexual acts that fulfill the desire between two peopleChoose the types of relationships that put individuals at greatest risk for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS (Select all that apply):- bisexual - functional homosexual - dysfunctional homosexual - open-coupled homosexualWhich of the following are indicative of sexual dysfunction? (Select all that apply.)- Sexual aversion disorder - Erectile disorder - DyspareuniaInfants who experience nurturing environments develop the ability to:trust othersBehavioral theorists see personality disorders as the result of:conditioned responsesParanoid personality disorders are diagnosed more often in:menStudies of families, twins, and relatives with personality disorders have demonstrated that the developing personality is influenced by:geneticsThe group of personality disorders characterized by odd or strange behaviors is known as the ____ cluster.eccentricThe central feature of one of our most pressing mental health problems today is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others. This personality disorder is called:antisocialThe client relies on deceit and manipulation to get his own way. He seems to have a complete lack of conscience. His goal is always self-gratification at the other person's expense. He is referred to as:A psychopathThe childhood trait that increases the risk for developing an antisocial personality disorder is:poor impulse controlThe client is a 38-year-old woman with a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. Behaviors associated with this diagnosis are:attention seekingThe client is unable to make a decision by herself. She clings to her husband and quickly moves to fill his requests. Although she sometimes appears angry, her emotions are not expressed. The client's diagnosis is:Dependent personality disorderThe nurse is planning goals for a male client with the diagnosis of personality disorder. What is the main goal of the client's therapy?To become aware of how his behavior affects his lifeIn treating clients with personality disorders, compliance with prescribed medications must be monitored frequently and safeguards must be put in place to prevent or reduce the risk for:suicideA male client has a schizotypal personality disorder. A female client compliments him on his style of dressing, and he interprets this as her caring deeply for him and desiring to date him. What is the client experiencing?ideas of referenceA wife is discussing her co-worker with her husband. The wife states, "I am so tired of her. She is always dressing in flamboyant clothing and pretends to have an accent. She doesn't relate well to any of our co-workers because she is so superficial." Which personality disorder is being described?HistrionicMedications are used with extreme caution in clients with personality disorders because of their questionable effectiveness. If a client is receiving an antipsychotic medication, it is especially important for the nurse to monitor the client for side effects of:Extrapyramidal movements, dry mouth, blurred vision, and photophobiaThe daughter of an elderly man notices that her father has stopped seeing his friends for their daily walk and acts in an aggressive manner when anyone comes to his house. She states that he normally looks forward to interacting with his friends on a daily basis and his general demeanor is friendly and caring. What does the nurse advise?The change in personality and behavior should be evaluated.A 40-year-old who works at the same entry level job for many years without seeking advancement and politely declines when friends ask her to try new vacation spots or hobbies may be suffering from which personality disorder?avoidantTwo nurses are discussing a new patient during report. They discover that she has the staff divided on their opinion of her. One group has had very positive interactions with her and find her to be very cooperative. The other group has had a difficult time in gaining her compliance in treatment interventions. What action would be most appropriate in dealing with this situation?Provide consistent limit setting with the clientClients suffering from a personality disorder usually do not seek treatment because they:Are unable to recognize their problemsWhich are characteristics of a personality disorder? (Select all that apply.)- Delusions - Depression - Inappropriate sexual behaviors - Inflexible and maladaptive behaviors - Difficulties with interpersonal relations - Behaviors that cause significant functional impairmentPersonality disorders that are considered to be in the erratic cluster include (Select all that apply):- antisocial - borderline - histrionic - narcissisticCharacteristics of borderline personality disorder include which of the following? (Select all that apply.)- Fear of being abandoned - Splitting - Gambling - Engaging in unsafe sexThe client lives so completely in a world of his or her own that he or she is unable to recognize reality, relate to others, or cope with life's demands. This client is considered:PsychoticSchizophrenia in children as young as 5 years:can occurWhen people successfully adapt to their environment by using logical thought and socially appropriate ways, they are said to be functioning at the adaptive end of the ____ continuum.neurobiologicalSchizophrenia affects approximately __________% of the world's population.1Theories based on study of the brain and its activities are called:biologicalThe client has become unable to recognize formerly familiar objects and people in his environment. The client is experiencing:agnosiaThe client is describing her trip to town. She tells the nurse, "I cold town yellow water girl outside below ground." This speech disturbance is called:Word saladThe signs and symptoms of schizophrenia must be present for at least ____ months before a diagnostic label is assigned.12The client in whom schizophrenia has been diagnosed usually is medicated with what class of drugs?AntipsychoticThe client interprets the proverb "A rolling stone gathers no moss" as "As long as the rock keeps moving, it won't turn green." This is an example of:Concrete thinkingThe nurse notes that a male client, who is taking an antipsychotic medication, is constantly moving from chair to chair during a group activity, and he complains that he feels "nervous and jittery inside." The nurse is aware that this client most likely is experiencing:AkathisiaTo cope with the devastating effects of schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses, family members or significant others and clients will benefit most from:Ongoing treatment and supportThe onset of schizophrenia most commonly occurs during the decade of age in the:20sA female client with a psychotic disorder is experiencing olfactory hallucinations. Most likely, she would be complaining of:A smell that is disturbing to herThe police bring a man to the emergency department because he is wandering the streets yelling to people. He attempted to attack the police officer because he accused him of "being a part of that plot to kill the president and me." Which category of schizophrenia is he exhibiting?ParanoidThe family of a client diagnosed with schizophrenia describes her behavior over the last few days as being very docile and non-confrontational. When asked to go and change her shoes to go shopping, she goes to change them, but a when a family member checks on her several minutes later, she appears to be lost in thought. This phase of schizophrenia is the _______________phase.PrepsychoticThe mother of a 20-year-old diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia is upset by the fact that her child tried to attack her during her daily visit. What is the most appropriate support the nurse can give her after this incident?"Your child's illness is due to a loss of contact with reality, and not directed to you as his mother."A woman who delivered a healthy infant three weeks ago is experiencing auditory hallucinations and has not changed her clothes or taken a shower in a week and expresses no interest in her infant. After a short inpatient stay, her symptoms improve and she is back to caring her herself and her infant. What disorder is this indicative of?brief psychotic disorderThe client who is taking a low-potency antipsychotic medication should be informed by the nurse that the most common side effects are (Select all that apply):- dry mouth - blurred vision - urinary retentionPositive symptoms of schizophrenia include (Select all that apply):- Hallucinations - Speech problems - Bizarre behaviorsNeuroleptic malignant syndrome is a potentially fatal side effect of antipsychotic medications. Which of the following symptoms are indicative of NMS? (Select all that apply.)- Hyperthermia - Rigid posturing - Agitation - Tachycardia - DiaphoresisPersons with chronic mental health problems have much higher rates of:suicideThe process of emptying state mental hospitals and placing mentally ill persons in the community is known as:deinstitutionalizationThe experience and suffering of living with mental illness:is unique to each personThe client finds fault in every success she has. She is afraid to try anything new because she "just knows" that she will fail because she is mentally ill. Her behaviors demonstrate:Low self-esteemThe child has not developed the ability to respond to others. He cannot communicate his needs. He may remain dependent upon others throughout his life. He is most accurately described as having:autismApproximately __________% of individuals with chronic mental illness use or abuse drugs.75The client has been diagnosed with depression for a long time. He recently started using cocaine to help relieve his depression. The most accurate description of these behaviors is a(n):dual diagnosisThe criterion that necessitates the need to hospitalize an individual with chronic mental health problems occurs when his or her:Behaviors pose a threatThe client has schizophrenia. He has moved frequently between the community and mental health facilities for the past 7 years. The client's behavior is an example of:RecidivismA male client is experiencing hallucinations. The intervention that would be most helpful in controlling the hallucinations is:Teaching him to use distraction techniques when experiencing hallucinationsNeuroleptic drugs are prescribed to treat:psychotic disordersIndividuals with mental illness live an average of __________ years less than the general population.10 to 15Individuals with schizophrenia tend to use the chemical __________ most oftenalcoholA female client with a chronic mental health disorder tells the nurse that she has great difficulty every morning getting ready for work because she cannot decide what to wear to work or what to eat for breakfast. This client is experiencing:Altered thought processesA client in an inpatient mental health setting is scheduled to be discharged with follow-up at a community mental health center. His family is concerned that his inpatient stay was not long enough, and he will be re-admitted in the near future. The nurse knows that the average length of inpatient stay is:10 daysThe nurse is completing an admission interview with an older adult on a busy medical unit. What action is most appropriate for the nurse to take?Allow the client time to respond to the questions regarding health history.A woman with a history of chronic mental illness was dating someone for about a month before they ended the relationship. What is the probable action the woman will take?Withdraw and refuse to seek out or enter into another relationship.Which of the following clients in the community with chronic mental illness is most likely to be compliant in taking their prescribed medications on a consistent basis?The client who has an understanding of his or her disease and medication's effect in controlling symptomsIn the United States today, the effects of deinstitutionalization include (Select all that apply):- An increase in the jail and prison populations - An increase in the homeless population - People who cannot obtain adequate food or shelterPsychiatric rehabilitation focuses on (Select all that apply):- Assisting clients to cope effectively with their life situations - Helping clients identify their feelings - Assisting the client with problem-solving techniques - Assisting with occupational and vocational trainingPersons with which of the following diagnoses respond well to therapeutic interventions and may have no further problems? (Select all that apply.)- Depression - Anxiety disorders - Phobias