Policy implementation is primarily a management undertaking.
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Which agency works to develop and enforce regulations that implement environmental laws enacted by Congress?EPAThe ability to partner and work with different agencies and organizations is known asCollaborative competency.Competency in the actual work of a particular agency or organization, and knowledge and skill related to the tasks assigned to an agency is known asTechnical competency.Cost-effectiveness analysis determineswhich of several policy alternatives will achieve the desired objectives in the least costly way.Which type of comparison involves assessing the consequences of a policy as compared to situations in which the policy does not exist?with-and-withoutWhich of the following processes used to evaluate the impacts and consequences of a policy can attribute causality to a policy?Quasi-experimental designWhich type of comparison involves comparing conditions or situations before a policy is implemented?before-and-afterIron triangles are formed bylegislators, operational managers, and interest groups.Policy evaluation can only occur after a policy has been implemented. TrueFalseAssisting the Executive Administration in overseeing the preparation of the annual federal budget and supervising its administration in the various executive branch organizations and agencies is the responsibility of theOffice of Management and Budget.Contemporary health polices are often amendments of previously enacted public laws.TrueIn a cost-benefit analysis, the basic question isare the benefits of a policy worth the costs of the policy.Congress.gov is theofficial website for U.S. federal legislative information.The utilitarian perspective of justice can be explained as policies that provide "the greatest good for the greatest number" of people.TrueWhich ethical principles are defined as "seeking to do good" and "doing no harm"?Beneficence and nonmaleficenceWhich of the following statements about policymaking is FALSE?Only experts trained in public policy have a meaningful role to play in policymaking.Which of the following is NOT a principle affecting ethical decision making?Utility theoryA health policy that is enacted within a representative democracy with separation of powers at all governmental levels and that is characterized by the presence of well-funded interest groupswill represent a compromise among multiple and competing interests.Five steps are typically included in conducting an analysis of the public policy environment. These steps areScanning, Monitoring, Forecasting, Assessing, Diffusing.Rulemaking is the domain of executive branch employees and not a good place for health professionals to exert influence in the policymaking process.FalseIn any work setting, competence means a cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person or an organization to act effectively in a job or situation.T