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Facial Expressions (English definition)

to make a happy
or friendly expression
in which the corners of your mouth
curve up
to smile a wide smile
to smile while making sounds
with your voice
that show you think something is funny
or you are happy
to move your head down and then up,
sometimes several times,
especially to show agreement,
approval or greeting
shake your head
to move your head
from side to side,
in order to express disagreement, sadness,
or that you do not want or believe something
to bring your eyebrows together
so that there are lines on your face
above your eyes
to show that you are annoyed or worried
to open the mouth wide
and take a lot of air into the lungs
and slowly send it out,
usually when tired or bored
when you blink, you close
and then open your eyes quickly
once or several times
to close one eye for a short time
as a way of greeting someone
or showing friendliness,
or of showing that you are not serious
about something you have said
to look for a long time
with the eyes wide open,
especially when surprised,
frightened, or thinking
to look directly and continuously
at someone or something
in an angry way
to look at something or someone
for a long time,
especially in surprise or admiration,
or because you are thinking
about something else