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APUSH Chapter 6 Key Terms

Enduring Vision 6e Ch. 6

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Colonist who supported the British
Supporter of the Revolution
George Washington
Commander of the Continental Army; main factor in American success
New Jersey battle where Washington took a thousand Hessian prisoners on Christmas Night, 1776; vital to improve national morale
American victory in 1777 that convinced the French to support the revolutionaries
Valley Forge
Winter camp of Continental Army, 1777-1778; one of lowest point of war
Lord Charles Cornwallis
British general whose surrender at Yorktown in 1781 effectively ended Revolutionary War
antislavery movement
Opposition to slavery that began slowly during revolutionary period
state constitutions
Written frameworks of government that defined the people as sovereign
Fully representative government; feared by revolutionary generation as mob rule
Ideal of early revolutionaries that government should be entrusted to leaders chosen for wisdom
Articles of Confederation
First American national government; all power held by states
Newburgh Conspiracy
Threatened mutiny that showed how deeply some were concerned about weakness of national government
Ordinance of 1785
Law that laid framework for settling western lands
Northwest Ordinance
Law that provided for creating new states
Alexander McGillivray
Creek leader determined to retain his people's territory
Shays's Rebellion
Uprising by Massachusetts farmers that convinced many Americans their government was too weak
Virginia Plan
Madison's blueprint for new national government; favored large states
New Jersey Plan
Counter-proposal to Virginia Plan that favored small states
separation of powers
The establishment of three distinct branches of government
checks and balances
Constitutional system designed to prevent any one branch of government from dominating the other two
System of shared power between state and national governments
three-fifths clause
Provided that three-fifths of slaves were to be counted in determining congressional representation
Approval by state conventions of new federal Constitution
Name supporters of new Constitution gave themselves during ratification struggle
The Federalist papers
Series of essays designed to explain new Constitution, convince people to support it