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Welcome to FlashStudy App!
FlashStudy is a tool to allow you to study millions of free flashcard sets through quizlet.com
Main menu
Main menu includes four buttons:
My deck, Search, Help (Instructions), and Settings
Decks is where you will find the flashcards, questions, and multiple-choice tests.
You can navigate to a deck by selecting a My decks menu item or by search.
My Decks
My decks page:
my decks: My decks page include saved, recent, as well as decks under your quizlet username. By default it sets the username to flash1234. You may change it to your username if you want.

saved: These are the decks that you have saved for offline use or decks you created on the phone.

recent: These are decks that you have used recently.

samples: Some version will selected sample decks.
Saved decks
Saved decks include decks created by you on the phone or decks you marked as saved explicitly or implicitly.

You can mark decks as saved from the "save" command in the deck detail page. You implicitly mark decks as saved whenever you edit decks.

Saved decks are kept on the phone as long as you want and can be used without the data connection.
Select search button on the main menu or from the My Decks page, and you will be directed to the search page.

There are two search modes:
Simple mode (the default mode).
You can type in phrase just like in google or bing.

Advanced mode:
You can also do the advanced search with special prefix or their combinations:

• "term": gets all sets that have a term inside them that equals the query. For example, use "term:California" to get all sets that define California.
• "creator": The Quizlet username of a user. Use a query like "creator: jalenack" to return jalenack's public sets.
• "ids": A comma-separated list of set ID numbers (one or more). You might know set id numbers from previous searches or from the regular website, where an id can be pulled out of a set url: quizlet.com/415/ us-capitals-flash-cards.
Search Result
When you press the Go button, link or the Enter key, the search will start and you will be directed to the search results page.

You will see the total number of decks and and the first 50 results.The rest will be downloaded on demand when you scroll to the bottom.

You can select one deck to see the detail.
Deck detail
When you select a deck from the search results or from any of the My Deck list (favorites, recent, my decks), you will navigate to a page to show the summary of the deck. You can then choose to view all terms, play flashcards or take a quiz.
View all
You can get to a deck's View all page by selecting the Read all questions link from the detail's page.
You can swipe up and down to see all contents and then choose to play flashcards or take a quiz.
You can play the flashcards in a deck.
-- View the deck by random order or its original order.
-- View the deck with term first or definition first.
-- Navigate the terms by swiping left/right or pressing the left/right buttons.
-- Flip the card by pressing anywhere on the card or clicking the flip button.
-- Change the font size by the "change font size" button or by pinch.
-- Zoom in/out images by pinch.
-- Scroll the view (Press down a finger anywhere then hold and move the finger).
-- Mark difficult flashcards with flags to help with studying.
-- Set the color scheme of the cards from the settings page.
You can take a quiz for the deck.
The question is generated automatically from term to definition. And you can set the total number of question from settings.
You can set the test mode to test definition first.
In the quiz, you need to select a answer, then press the submit button, the answer will be marked and the score is shown. You can then press the next button to proceed to the next question.
Create and Edit Decks
If the edit function is enabled on the version. You can create and edit decks.You can create a deck on "My decks" page. You can edit a deck on "deck detail" or "flashcards" page.
When in edit mode, you can edit the deck's name/description as well as any term/definition and add/remove terms.

To create a deck,
0. Launch the application.
1. Select "My decks".
2. Select "create deck" on ellipsis bar of the application.
3. Enter any desired name and description.
4. Select add new term on ellipsis bar to add terms.
5. Press the back button to save the deck.
6. You should see the newly created deck in My decks page saved decks.

To edit a deck.
1. From "deck detail" or "flashcards" page.
select "edit" menu on ellipsis bar.

To add a term.
On edit mode, select "add term" on the ellipsis bar.
Or if you are on the last term, and the last term is defined (not empty or with word "new term") and the focus is not in the textbox. Press next button will add a new term.

To remove a term.
On edit mode, select "remove term" on the ellipsis bar. The current term will be removed.

To exit the edit mode.
Press the phone's hardware back button
Deck will be automatically saved.

To navigate among the text boxes.
When the focus is in any textbox, the prev/next button will move one character. first/last button will move word's length.
If the focus is not in textbox, first will move to the deck title, last will move to last term.
prev/next will move to prev or next term.
Next will add a new term if the last term is not empty and not with word "new term"
You can set app options from the settings menu. When you finish, just press the phone's back button.

Default settings:
For Quizlet:
My quizlet username:flash1234.
You can set it to your quizlet account name.
Maximum number of recently used decks:10
Refresh data when the deck is used: off.
Quizlet decks are cached on the phone for better performance. if this value is on, then it will automatically update the deck if there is a change on the quizlet server.

For test/quize:
Maximum number of questions (in the test): 10.
This is the value used in test/quiz mode.

For flashcards:
Flashcards page turn time: 500 miliseconds.
You can set it to zero to tun off the page turn effect.
Front side font color: default to theme color
Front side background color: default to black
Back side font color: default to theme color
Back side background color: default to black
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