Microbiology CH. 20 Medically Important Gram Negative Bacilli

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A unique characteristic of many isolatess of Pseudomonas useful in identification is

a. fecal odor
b. fluorescent green pigment
c. drug resistance
d. motility
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The bubo of bubonic plague is a(n) a. ulcer where the flea bite occured b. granuloma in the skin c. enlarged lymph node d. infected sebaceous glandc. enlarged lymph nodesHaemophilus influenzae is _________ and requires special _________ for growth. a. motile, temperatures b. encapsulated, minerals c. intracellular, sample swabs d. fastidious, blood factorsd. flastidious, blood factorsWhich of the following is not associated with H. influenzae infections? a. fever b. flu c. stiff neck d. headacheb. fluWhich of the following are primarily zoonoses? a. tularemia b. salmonellosis c. shigellosis d. brucellosis e. pasteurellosis f. bubonic plagueall except c. shigellosisThe nurse recognizes which of the following as a category a biological agent that may be used in a terrorist attack? a. Escherichia coli b. Francisella tularensis c. Klebsiella pneumoniae d. Pseudomonas aeruginosab. francisella tularensisThe nurse is preparing for well-baby check of a 2 month old. what vaccine will likely be given during the appointment? a. DTaP b. hepititis B c. MMR d. plaguea. DTaPWhooping cough is transmitted via respiratory droplets. The _________ stage lasts 1-2 weeks, while the __________ stage is characterized by severe coughing. a. primary, secondary b. catarrhal, paroxysmal c. incubation, convalescent d. low t-cell, high microphage e. incubation, invasionb. catarrhal, paroxysmalAlthough this bacteria is typically found in soil and water, burn wound patients are susceptible to ________ infection. a. Yersinia pestis b. Bordetella pertussis c. Pseudomonas d. E.coli 0157:H7 e. Shigellac. PseudomonasWhich of the following are symptoms of septic shock? a. tachycardia b. reduced blood flow to vital organs c. respiratory failure d. all of these choices are correcta. tachycardiaThe vaccine for immunity to Haemophilus influenzae serotype b is a. DTaP b. Pneumovax c. MMR d. Hibd. HibShigellosis is typically acquired via the respiratory route a. true b. falseb. falsePlague is a quarantinable disease a. true b. falsea. trueThe buildup of mucous and blockage of airways in pertussis is due to a. endotoxin b. lipopolysaccharides c. oxins that destroy the ciliated cells of the respiratory tract. d. the presence of a capsulec. oxins that destroy the ciliated cells of the respiratory tract.Legionellosis is a zoonosis a. true b. falseb. false