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AD 175 Unit 7 Sleep-Rest Pattern

Pt feels tired
Says he/she cannot fall asleep
Says he/she can't stay asleep
What are some common concerns related to the sleep/rest pattern?
* produce growth hormone
* promotes healing
* helps immune system
* memories go from short-term to long-term
What is the purpose of sleep?
Nodding off
easily awakened
can hear things going on around area
reach the next stage within a few minutes
What is included in stage I of the sleep cycle?
Deeper relaxation
Easily awakened
muscles relax
some eye movement
decreased body temp and HR
What is included in stage II of the sleep cycle?
Deep sleep
more difficult to awaken
muscles relax
dereased body temp and HR
What is included in stage III of the sleep cycle?
Deep sleep and relaxation
considerable stimulation needed to awaken
All body functions reduced (metabolic rate decreased, and VS decreased)
restores, relaxed, and rests body
growth hormone released in this stage
What is included in stage IV of the sleep cycle?
Vivid dreams
VS are erratic
Enter this stage approx. Q90min of stage IV sleep
loss of control of tongue
pharynx relaxes
sleep apnea occurs
deficit in this stage = emotional dysfunction, including psychosis
What is included in REM?
Sleep less
decrease in the total time sleeping
takes longer to fall asleep
awaken earlier
spend less time in stage III sleep
increase in the length of time from when going to bed to actually falling asleep
increase in the number of awakenings
increase in the tendency to take naps
What are some sleep changes that occur with aging?
Parkinson's Meds
Beta Blockers
What medications alter sleep pattern?
Room temperature
hormonal circadian rhythm
* melatonin, darkness, and light all affect CR
Medican Conditions
* asthma, angina, arthritis, UTI, CHF, PND (paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea)
Dementia (sundowning, meds side effects)
What other factors impact the sleep pattern?
*Didn't sleep well or long enough
* Taking longer than 30-40 min to fall asleep
What is the desire to sleep but unable to?