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Walking For Fitness

Walking Final
Healthy People 2010
a document of public health opportunities to bring improved health to all people (Walking is highly recommended in the magazine)
Fitness Walking
The type of walking that produces measurable health benefits (Must be done often enough, long enough, and hard enough) It is an excellent activity for all ages and an ideal form of physical activity
Quality of Life
Reflects a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with your life
A non-Competitive 6 mile walk
An association that promotes health, fun, and fellowship through noncompetitive walking (volksmarching) and other sporting events for everyone
Volksport club examples
"Walkers and Talkers" and "The Striders" - these are called walking clubs
Mall Walking
Walking in the mall- tough one i know
Andrey Perlov
Walked 31 miles at 7 minutes a mile
According to the Surgeon General's Report, _____ Percent of adults dont achieve the recommended amount of regular physical activity?
60 Percent
Requiring oxygen to live and thrive
Bodily exertion that is done to develop maintain, or improve physical fitness
A way of living characterized by only minimal physical activity
How can you decrease body fat?
Regular fitness walking
Benefits of regular aerobic exercise
Physical, mental, and psychological benefits
Inner Sole
The bottom of a shoe that makes direct contact with your foot
The cushioning layer between the outer and inner soles of a shoe
Motion Control
Features designed into a shoe to reduce or eliminate undesirable foot movements
Outer Sole
The material on the bottom of a shoe
Pulsemeter of Heart Rate Monitor
A piece of equipment that displays your heart rate
Racewalking Shoes
Lighter weight walking shoes designed for racing
Rocker-shaped Sole
A shoe sole that is rounded from front to back so you can roll your foot from heel to toe as you walk
Sauna suit
Exercise clothing made of nonporous material that will not allow heat and perspiration to escape (bad clothing to exercise in!)
Upper Shoe
The top part of a shoe above the sole
Walking shoes
Shoes designed specifically for walking
Most important piece of fitness walking clothing and equipment
A walking shoe!! (Another brain pounding question i know)
Key considerations in picking a walking shoe?
Size and comfort, flexibility, weight, and quality.
Excessive loss of water from the body, usually from perspiration
Extreme Weather Conditions
Weather-related factors such as hot and cold weather where precautions are necessary
Heat Cramps
Characterized by muscle spasms or twitching of the limbs
Heat Exhaustion
A condition that results in general weakness, fatigue, a drop in blood pressure, blurred vision, occasionally loss of consciousness, and profuse sweating with pale, clammy skin
Heat Stroke
Excessively high body temperature that can lead to an extremely severe condition
Excessively low body temperature characterized by uncontrollable shivering, coordination loss, and mental confusion
A condition caused by training too much or too intensely and characterized by a lack of energy, decreased physical performance, fatigue, depression, aching muscles and joints, and susceptibility to injury
Cool Down
Exercise movements designed to gradually reduce the intensity of activity and help your body make a smooth and safe transition from a high level of activity back toward a lower level of activity
The amount of movement, or range of motion, you have at each joint
Static Stretch
A type of stretching in which you hold the stretched position
A type of exercise designed to increase or maintain flexibility
Exercise movements designed to gradually prepare your body for more vigorous activity
How should you begin each walking session?
With a warm up consisting of slow to moderate walking for 3-5 minutes followed by gentle stretching
Cardiovascular Fitness
The ability of your heart, blood vessels, blood, and lungs to deliver oxygen to your cells, especially muscle cells during long-term physical activity
Carotid Artery
A blood vessel in the neck often used to count heart rate
Exercise Heart Rate
Heart rate during exercise. A very close approximation of your exercise heart rate can be determined by locating your pulse immediately after you stop exercising, within 5 seconds, and taking a heart rate count for a short time (15 secs)
Heart Rate
The rate at which your heart pumps blood. This is traditionally expressed in beats per minute
The rhythmic expansion of the arteries cause by the contractions of the heart
Radial Artery
A blood vessel, near the wrist, often used to count heart rate
Rockport Fitness Walking Test
A test of cardiovascular fitness that uses walking as the activity
Age-Predicted Maximum Heart Rate (APMHR)
See estimated Heart Rate
Estimated Maximum Heart Rate (EMHR)
220 minus your age gives you a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate. There is a wide range of healthy normal maximum heart rates that are not average. Maximum heart rate is the fastest your heart can beat under the most strenuous conditions, it is NOT your exercise heart rate
Exercise Heart Rate
Your heart rate during exercise, which serves an indication of how hard you are working
Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type of exercise to produce the desired results
How often (how many times per week) you need to exercise to produce the desired results
How hard (heart rate) you need to exercise to produce the desired results
How long (duration) each exercise session needs to be to produce the desired results
The kind of exercise that needs to be done to produce the desired results
Components of health-related physical fitness
Cardiovascular Endurance, Body Composition, Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Flexibility
Brisk Pace
Fitness walking performed at a speed that produces desirable health benefits
To walk with a minimum of effort
Horizontal Energy
Walking performed with a minimum of up-and-down movement
The rate at which walking is performed
Stride Length
The distance covered as measured form the toes of the back foot to the heel of the front foot
Vertical Energy
A type of up and down movement that wates useful energy for walking
Strategies for higher intensity workouts
Hill walking, treadmill walking, stair walking, and water walking
Probability of soreness increases with a sudden change in?
Intensity or type of exercise
The desire to eat
The energy-producing value of food when oxidized in the body
Complex Carbohydrates
Foods made up of starches, such as pasta and rice, that the body uses for long-term energy
Made up of indigestible carbohydrates that offer health benefits
A sugar used by the body's cells for energy
the physiological need for food
the amount of heat (or energy) required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram (or 1,000 grams) of water by 1 degree Celsius
The science of food, the study of its uses within the body, and its relationship to health
Saturated Fats
Substances that usually come from animal sources, solid at room temperature, and associated with health problems
Simple Carbohydrates
Foods easily absorbed by the body's cells; provide only short-term energy
Trans-Fatty Acid
Fats that result when liquid oil has hydrogen added to it to make it more solid (hydrogenation)
Unsaturated Fats
Substances found in plant sources, liquid at room temperature, and associated with health benefits
An acronym for an exercise formula that stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
The drive or desire to begin or continue a behavior
An excessive amount of body fat that can lead to ill health
Percent Body Fat
The percentage of total body weight that is stored body fat
To revery to a previous unwanted behavior
Too little body fat that can lead to ill health
Steady or faithful attachment
The end toward which an effort is directed
Something that causes a person to act
Careful plans directed toward a goal
A multifaceted, dynamic quality that describes how well you are able to function at any time. It is made up of psychological, spiritual, physical, social, vocational, and environmental resources
Optimal health
Indicates a high level of functioning and is often characterized by vitality, a zest for life, and a sense of harmony with nature and humanity
Includes an enjoyable and positive approach to a lifestyle that promotes a high level of well-being
A dynamic process that combines emotional and mental states leading to optimal health
A positive sense of whatever provides meaning and purpose in your life
achieving optimal health through behaviors such as physical fitness, eating, adequate sleep and rest, and responsible sexual behavior and drug use.
Includes having satisfying, trusting relationships and interacting well with others
Achieving optimal health through finding meaning in and satisfaction with your school, job, and leisure permits
The impact the natural world has on health
The way an individual chooses to live
To keep from happening