Hemoglobin and Myoglobin

True/False 2,3 BPG binds in gap between 2 beta chains
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The binding of protons to HbA causes release of oxygen from HbA? True or FalseTrue- This is called as Bohr's effectBinding of 2,3-BPG to HbA decreases the affinity of HbA for oxygen?True.Hemoglobin has higher oxygen affinity at high pO2 in lungs and lower oxygen affinity at lower p02 in tissues , making it good transport protein. True or falseTrue. Hb is completely saturated /oxygenated in lung and it loses oxygen in peripheral tissues.Left shift of oxygen dissociation curve means an increased affinity for oxygen and increased oxygen loadingtrueBinding of 2,3 BPG,H ions, Carbon dioxide to Hb stabilizes T form and reduce the affinity of Hb for Oxygen ? True or falseTrue,Chronic hypoxia at high altitudes increases synthesis of 2,3 BPG and causes a right shift of oxygen dissociation curve? True/FalseTrueIn fever, increase in temperature decreased oxygen affinity and promotes oxygen unloading from HbTrueDecreased 2, 3 BPG, hypothermia, alkalosis, Fetal Hb increase oxygen affinity of Hb?True. These factors cause a left shift of oxygen dissociation curveCarbon monoxide & MetHb decrease oxygen saturation of the bloodTrue, Carbon monoxide displaces the oxygen from Hb ( it binds to same site as oxygen)and thus decreases oxygen saturation. Hb and myoglobin have 200 times more affinity for carbon monoxide than oxygen.Heme is present in hydrophobic pocket of globin chains? True/FalseTrueRappaport leubering shunt creates 2,3 BPG in RBC?True