In mountains, glaciers produce distinctive landforms, including bowl-shaped basins and _____-shaped valleys.
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The largest ice mass on Earth is on __________AntarcticaGreat Salt Lake in Utah is the shrunken, salty remnant of a much larger, Pleistocene, pluvial lake called Lake Bonneville.TrueA__________ moraine is a sediment-rich belt in the center of the glacier. It forms where two glaciers join, trapping their lateral moraines within the combined glacier.medialWhen a glacier is retreating, the upstream ice is still moving forward toward the downstream terminus of the glacierTThe Great Salt Lake of Utah is a remnant of a much larger ice-age lake named lake named_______Lake BonnevilleWhen a glacier melts back, sediment deposited along internal meltwater channels form long, sinuous ridges called _______.eskerIn mountains, glacial ice can pluck pieces from the bedrock, excavating a bowl-shaped depression, called a _______CirqueThe period from 2.5 or 3 million years ago to 10,000 years ago and saw many glacial and interglacial periods is called the _________.Pleistocene epochThe Channel Scablands in Oregon and Washington state were formed when Lake ________breached the glacial dam holding back its waters.MissoulaShort term (up to 100,000 years) variations in climate, likely controlled by the amount of solar radiation reaching Earth, are called___________Milankovitch cyclesLarge ice sheets and smaller glaciers occupy 80% of which large landmass in the Northern Hemisphere?GreenlandWhen an ice block melts, it creates a small depression, called a ______, within the sediment.kettle