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3 steps to consider when creating a session pg81

1.Primary Imbalance-(keystone, locked knees)
2.Potential Cause-(injury,genetic,holding patterns)
3.Objective-(your goal for client + homework)

Fleshing: pg86

Putting the tissue where you want it.
Front-towards the midline and up
Back-towards the midline and down
Sides-move away from pelvis & towards midline (pushing away greater trochanter while you are pushing towards the midline)

Short & Long tissues of Medial Rotation

Short- pecs
Long Rhomboids

Short & Long tissues of Ventral Drag


Short & Long tissues of Lateral Rotation of the foot

Short- Piriformis

Short & Long tissues -eversion of feet

Long- Tib anterior

short & long tissue assoc. with core

Short- QLs

what mm causes Narrow Gait


what mm causes Wide Gait

IT band

Posterior Tilt

ASIS is higher

Anterior Tilt

PSIS is higher

Economy of Motion pg140

Intrinsic & Extrinsic
Core deep axial skeleton vs appendicular superficial skeleton
Movement- graceful vs clumsy
MM Contraction- small stabilizing vs big gross movements

Intrinsic pg 140

"INSIDE" belonging to the essential nature of constitution of a thing. originating & included wholly within an organ or part

Extrinsic pg 140

"OUTSIDE" Not forming part of or belonging to a thing. Originating from or on the outside;especially originating outside a part and acting upon the part as a whole.

Ventral Drag (know both formal and informal names) pg 160

Dorsal Hinge @T6 (peck band)
Thoracolumbar T12 & L1 ( umbilical band)
Sacrolumbar L5 & S1 (inguinal band)

Headaches know both formal and informal names pg 160

Craniocervical C0 or Occiput &C1 (under masseter)
Cervicothoracic C7& T1 (clavicle band 'smokers")

Wire of Lombar spine consist of (notes pg 162)

Thoracolumbar fascia, QLs, PSOAS
articulates w/ obliques, lats, glutes
Creates load & force transfer btw spine pelvis +legs. Ropey Back indication hinge is tight

ventral drag cause (notes pg 162)

Short abs-weak abs

Medial rotation of shoulder (notes pg 162)

Shoulder issue

2 major components to pain pg 207

Sensory experience
Psychological response

Re-patterning exercises

toes up/foot up----gait, arch
knee bends----unlock knees
Rock & roll----balance stability

Re-patterning exercises

spinal roll
table top
roll-up / roll-down

Re-patterning exercises

Pelvic Clock
Deep Hip Rotator Stretch
Psoas Stretch
Wall Squat
Peanut Butter Jar-pelvic rotations
The Frog

Re patterning exercises

Spinal Imprint
The Plank
Lateral Plank
The String

Re-patterning exercises

Rhomboid Activation
Rhomboid Re-patterning
Ribcage Re-patterning
Shoulder Re-patterning-(Arm Circles)

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