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Exam 3 - Enviro

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•Beyond "sending to others" - broadcast model
•Networked model allows activists to organize, initiate projects, and coordinate activism.
-Multimodality: multiple and intersecting forms of networked relationships that are developed in sustaining the relationship.
•Combines social networks and real world networks
•NGOs Sponsored Networks
-World Wildlife Fund - Earth Hour ( )
•Turn off lights for one hour to save energy.
•User participation spread and expanded campaign
-7,000 events in 162 countries with 1.2 billion people
•Network of Networks
-Example: Bank Information Center - - targets world bank for social and enviro justice.
•International Day of Action connected networks of people world wide with rallies in major cities
-Also used SM to encourage World Bank action on CC
•Digital Infrastructure
-NGOs assist people by providing online tools. - provide pathways for activists to address issues in their communities
•Assisted the Maasai resist hunting company takeover of their land.
-2.3 million people signed petition, global media coverage forced Prime Minister to commit to protecting Maasai land.
•Tools provided by Avaaz expand the potential of citizens and connect the network of networks.
•People's Climate March
-9/14/14 - 400,000 people marched in NYC calling for climate action along with marches in major cities in 162 countries
•Used website and the film Disruption to build interest and awareness.
-Silence at 1pm was powerful "alarm bell"
-Scheduled the day before climate summit at UN, beginning of COP 21 in Paris happening Nov/Dec 2015.
-Planning led by Bill McKibben of as well as over a dozen enviro, labor and social justice groups.
-Used SM to promote the march. 400K signed agreement to attend on
-2 days after march, Obama spoke to delegates to UN summit and said, "we have to answer the call" of the people.