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Depression is a serious health concern that affects people of all ages, including children and adolescents. Research indicates that the onset of depression is occurring earlier in life today than in past decades and often coexists with other mental health problems such as chronic anxiety and behavior disorders. Children who are under stress, have a family history of mental health issues, or have experienced a significant loss are at a greater risk for developing clinical depression.Following are common symptoms of depression in children:Persistent sad and irritable moodLoss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyedSignificant change in appetite and body weightDifficulty sleeping or oversleeping If one of your students exhibits signs of depression, document what you are seeing. Write down what behaviors you are observing, date it, and perhaps put it in the student's permanent file. Also record the action you are taking and any follow-up documentation. Talk to the school counselor. Discuss the issues you are seeing with parents and, if appropriate and with parental consent, arrange a counseling session for the student. The school nurse may also be able to provide resources. Consult your school administrator and school or district policy regarding your next steps.SuicideSuicide is the third leading cause of death among youth between 10 and 19 years of age (CDC, 2013). Children who have experienced a personal loss; physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; or depression or other mental health issues have a higher risk of suicide. Children who contemplating suicide frequently give warning signs of their distress. Parents, teachers, and friends are essential in identifying the signs.Warning signs of suicide in children and adolescents include the following:Suicide note or journaling about wanting to dieDirect statements or indirect comments about wanting to die (Indirect clues might arise through jokes or comments in school assignments.)Previous attempts of suicideDepression (helplessness and hopelessness)Risk-taking behaviors that are out of character for the studentGiving away prized possessionsInability to concentrate or think clearly