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WHAT IS THE REFERENCE FOR BAR TO CONTINUE SERVICE601-280 CH 8 APP KHOW MANY DAYS BEFORE YOU CAN INITIATE A BAR FOR CONTINUED SERVICE FOR A NEW SOLDIER90 DAYSHOW OFTEN DO YOU NEED TO REVIEW A BAR FOR CONTINUED SERVICE?EVERY 3 MONTHSWHAT ARE THE FORMS USED TO SUMMARIZE PROCEEDINGS2627 FORMAL 2627-1 SUMMARIZEDHOW LONG IS THE DECISION PERIOD?48 HOURSWHAT ARE THE 3 TYPES OF COURTS-MARTIALSUMMARY SPECIAL GENERALWHAT DOES AR 135-178 DEAL WITHNGWHAT DOES AR 635-200 DEAL WITHACTIVEWHAT CHAPTER DO YOU SEPERATE A AWOL NG SOLDIER UNDER?12WHAT CHAPTER DO YOU SEPERATE AN ACTIVE SOLDIER FOR?EXTRA DUTY FOR SUMMARIZED ART15 WILL NOT EXCEED14 DAYS1. What is the Bar to continued service designed to be used as a?1. a. Punitive action AR 601-280 para 8-2 (b)2. Initiation of separation action is not required for Soldiers who, at the time of the second three-month review have between _______ and 20 years of active Federal service.2. c. 18 AR 601-280para 8-5(b)3. What regulation will the commander use to initiate a bar?3. d. AR 635-200 AR 601-280 8-5 para a.4. How many hours is considered AWOL4. d. 96 AR 601-280 8-4 para e-(8)5. What is one of the most effective non-punitive measures available to commanders?5. d. Extra training or instruction AR 27-10 para c6. The statute of limitations regarding non-judicial punishment states that punishment may not be imposed for offenses which were committed more than _______________ before the date of imposition.6. c. 2 years AR 27-10 para 3-127. Which of the following is true regarding the maximum punishment that can be imposed for enlisted members by any commander under summarized procedures?7. a. Will not exceed extra duty for 14 days AR 27-10 Table 3-18. Which of the following is true: The maximum penalty which can be adjudged in a summary court-martial for a Soldier in the rank of E-5 is:9. What is the maximum punishment that can be imposed for being absent from guard or watch10. Who can convene a GCM?