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Brain and Spinal Cord
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Glossopharyngeal; SwallowWhat is the name of the ninth cranial nerve and what is its main function?Vagus; Gagging/SwallowingWhat is the name of the tenth cranial nerve and what two functions does it serve?Hypoglossal; Stick out tongueWhat is the name of the twelfth cranial nerve and what function does it serve?- Concussion History - Toxic Substance - Black Outs - Moodiness - Difficulty Walking - Strange SensationsWhen giving a complete assessment of a patient with problems in the neurological system, what six things should you ask about?PerrlaWhat is the medical term of when the pupils are equal, round, reactive to light, and accommodation?AccommodationWhat is the ability to focus on things close up and faraway?20 inchesWhen using a pen light, how far away should you hold the tool from the patient?20 secondsHow long should you wait before checking the other pupil with a pen light?- Alert - Lethargy - Obtundation - Stupor - ComaWhat are the five levels of consciousness?AlertWhat level of consciousness does this describe: attentive/follows commands; asleep and responds to external stimuli; and awake remains attentive?LethargyWhat level of consciousness does this describe: drowsy but awake, can answer questions/follows commands slowly?ObtundationWhat level of consciousness does this describe: difficult to arouse, needs constant stimulation to follow a simple command, drifts back to sleep between stimuli?StuporWhat level of consciousness does this describe: arouses only to vigorous/continuous/painful stimuli?ComaWhat level of consciousness does this describe: does not respond to continuous/painful stimuli, does not move but for reflex, and does not make verbal sounds?CognitionWhat tests the memory?Birth date, location of birthWhen performing a cognition, what are long term memory questions?How they got to the hospital and what they ate for breakfastWhen performing a cognition, what are short term memory questions?Pronator DriftWhen should you have a patient hold their arms out in the front of them with their palms facing the ceiling?- Pronator Drift - Dorticate Posturing - Decerebrate PosturingWhat are three types of Motor Functions?Weak limbs, cerebral of brainstem injuryIf you observe pronation (turning inward) or the palms drifts downward, this can be a result in?Dorticate PosturingWhen should you have a patients arms, wrists, and fingers flexed with internal rotation, this is is known as?Corticospinal Pathway Injury (C)Dorticate Posturing can be a result of what type of injury?Decerebrate PosturingWhat is abnormal movement with rigidity be extension of arms and legs?Brainstem Injury (E)Decerebrate Posturing can be a result in what type of injury?Normal and PositiveWhat are two forms of Babinski's Sign?NormalWhat type of Babinski's Sign is plantar flexion of the toes?PositiveWhat type of Babinski's Sign is fanning of the toes?Babinski's SignWhat should only be seen in babies less than two years old?Sensory FunctionWhat type of function should you evaluate a patient's ability/lack of to perceive and identify specific sensations?Spinal Cord/Spinal Nerve Problems, Trauma, Tumors, Infection, Stenosis, and Guillan-Barre SyndromeSensory Functions are only done for patient's with what types of problems?Guillan-Barre SyndromeWhen the immune system attacks the nerves causing paralysis, this is known as?- Compare one side to the other - Sensation to light touch using a q-tip - Gait, balance, temperatureWhen performing a sensory function assessment, what three things should be done to a patient?Glasgow Coma ScaleWhat is used for assessing/monitoring LOC?- Eye Opening - Motor Response - Verbal ResponseThe Glasgow Coma Scale is based on what three things?15What is the highest the Glasgow Coma Scale can go up to?It should be reported immediatelyWhat should be done if the Glasgow Coma Scale goes down by two?ComaA score of 8 or lower on the Glasgow Coma Scale is equivalent to?F, you should use no dyeT/F: You should use dye when performing an Electroencephalogram?It detects electrical activity in the brain using small flat metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp.What is the purpose of an EEG?Epilepsy and Diagnosing Other Brain DisordersAn EEG is the main diagnosis for?- Clean Hair - No sedatives/stimulates for 12-24 hours - Eat (prevent hypoglycemia)What three things should be done before performing an EEG?- Wash Hair - No DrivingWhat two things should be done after performing an EEG?Carotid Doppler UltrasoundWhat evaluates blood flow through a blood vessel for blockages; narrowing of carotid arteries?TT/F: When performing a carotid doppler ultrasound there should be no preparation or jewelry.F, you can wear comfortable clothesT/F: You should wear uncomfortable clothes when performing a carotid doppler ultrasound.Electromyogram (EMG)What identifies nerve/muscle disorders/spinal cord dx?Muscle MassWhen performing a EMG, small needles are inserted where?TT/F: When performing an EMG there is no preparation and no jewelry.- Cerebral Angiogram - CT - PET - AllergiesWhat are four functions contrast dye is used for?Kidney DamageContrast Dye can potentially lead to?Lumbar PunctureFluid surrounding the spinal cord cerebrospinal fluid is withdrawn through a needle and examined in a lab, this is known as?- Explain Procedure - V/S - Neuro Assessment - Empty Bladder - Fetal/Side Laying - Between L4/L5What six things should be done before performing a Lumbar Puncture?- Compare V/S and Neuro Assessment - V/S - Neuro Check - Keep Patient Flat - Increase Fluid IntakeWhat five things should be done after performing a Lumbar Puncture?Intracranial PressureSevere HA, photophobia (bright light), change in LOC, this is known as?Intracranial Puncture and LeakageWhat are the two complications of Lumbar Puncture?LeakageWatch insertion site for leakage and increase HOB to 45, this relates to which complication?- Elderly - Dehydration - Preexisting Renal InsufficiencyWhat three things can put you at risk for contrast induced nephropathy?