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  1. Vassal /Liege
  2. Steppe nomads
  3. Humanism
  4. Petrarch
  5. Treaty of Verdun
  1. a studied arts,grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, historical movement.. and writings of the ancient Greeks
  2. b (father of the Italian renaissance) humanism, sought out forgotten latin manuscripts .. also began the humanist emphasis on the use of pure classical latin
  3. c contract between lord nd his subordinate
  4. d Barbarians .. Warlike People
  5. e Divided the territories of the Carolingian Empire into 3 kingdoms

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  1. warriors .... ships were the best of the period .... attacked small villages and towns , destroyed churches , and easily defeated small armies
  2. a revival of classical art and architecture in parts of northern and western Europe
  3. a regular caravan route between west and east china
  4. was spread to east European people, such as the bulgars and serbs .. (byzantine Christians)
  5. one of the more successful Chinese dynasties .. founded by emperor song taizu

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  1. Genghis KhanFounder of the Mongol Empire . temuchin ,


  2. Commitatusa people from western Asia .... moved to central Europe and settled on the plains of Hungary ... converted to Christianity and created the Kingdom of Hungary


  3. CharlemagneWas the leader of the Frankish Army at the battle of Tours


  4. Bubonic Plaguespread by black rats infested with fleas who wer host to deadly bacterium


  5. Leonardo Da Vinciconduct for caring goods between northern and southern china .. used to carry rice and other products into food starved northern Providence


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