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  1. mongols
  2. Carolingian Renaissance
  3. Sui Dynasty
  4. movable type
  5. Tang dynasty
  1. a a revival of classical art and architecture in parts of northern and western Europe
  2. b a nomadic pastoral people who swept out of the gobi desert ...empire extending from china and persia
  3. c The imperial dynasty of china .."era of poetry and sculpture""golden age of civil and artistic
  4. d printing method ...which each character is cast on a separate piece of metal
  5. e came to an end immediately after sui yandis deafth... Buddhism and daoism .. had merged as rivals against confucianism

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  1. Italian who wrote the Prince ..
  2. (Muslim) Reconquered Jerusalem from the Christians .. agreed to allow Christian pilgrims free access to Jerusalem
  3. Emperor of the byzantine empire... married to theodora .. he restored the imperial Mediterranean world .
  4. Divided the territories of the Carolingian Empire into 3 kingdoms
  5. dominated the city at a time when florence was the center of the cultural renaissance

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  1. Humanismstudied arts,grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, historical movement.. and writings of the ancient Greeks


  2. Steppe nomadsa regular caravan route between west and east china


  3. Commitatusa group of warriors or nobles accompanying a king or leader


  4. Magyarsa people from western Asia .... moved to central Europe and settled on the plains of Hungary ... converted to Christianity and created the Kingdom of Hungary


  5. Avignon papacya period the popes resided ... leading to an increase in anti papal sentiment