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  1. 1st Crusade
  2. Song Dynasty
  3. Vassal /Liege
  4. movable type
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci
  1. a printing method ...which each character is cast on a separate piece of metal
  2. b contract between lord nd his subordinate
  3. c one of the more successful Chinese dynasties .. founded by emperor song taizu
  4. d (the last Supper) studied everything and even dissected human bodies to see how nature works
  5. e holy war .. against Christians and Muslims to regain the holy lands .. ultimately resulting in the capture of Jerusalem

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  1. was spread to east European people, such as the bulgars and serbs .. (byzantine Christians)
  2. 3rd crusade ... an attempt by European leaders to reconquer the holy land from saladin
  3. warriors .... ships were the best of the period .... attacked small villages and towns , destroyed churches , and easily defeated small armies
  4. A christian ... unable to read and write .... created the Carolingian Empire .. Emperor of the Romans
  5. a regular caravan route between west and east china

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  1. Humanismstudied arts,grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, historical movement.. and writings of the ancient Greeks


  2. Magyarsa agricultural estate operated by a lord and worked by peasants


  3. Avignon papacycame to an end immediately after sui yandis deafth... Buddhism and daoism .. had merged as rivals against confucianism


  4. Hundred years warone of the more successful Chinese dynasties .. founded by emperor song taizu


  5. Battle of ToursBattle between Frankish and Islamic Army ... Franks Win