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  1. Christian Schism
  2. Charlemagne
  3. Feudalism
  4. Urban II
  5. Treaty of Verdun
  1. a is known for starting the 1st crusades ... Challenged the Christians to take up there weapons and join in a holy war to recover the holy land
  2. b division between the roman catholic church and the eastern orthodox church ...
  3. c an organized system of government ..
  4. d A christian ... unable to read and write .... created the Carolingian Empire .. Emperor of the Romans
  5. e Divided the territories of the Carolingian Empire into 3 kingdoms

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  1. contract between lord nd his subordinate
  2. Founder of the Mongol Empire . temuchin ,
  3. a period the popes resided ... leading to an increase in anti papal sentiment
  4. Italian who wrote the Prince ..
  5. a group of warriors or nobles accompanying a king or leader

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  1. Seljuk Turksa nomadic people from central Asia ... converted to Islam


  2. Saladin(Muslim) Reconquered Jerusalem from the Christians .. agreed to allow Christian pilgrims free access to Jerusalem


  3. Bubonic Plaguespread by black rats infested with fleas who wer host to deadly bacterium


  4. Hundred years wara war between France and England


  5. Song DynastyThe imperial dynasty of china .."era of poetry and sculpture""golden age of civil and artistic


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