Political Science

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Duverger's Law:
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How are political beliefs like a religion?Never change, getting from parents, and affect moralsPartisan stability means that voters rarely change their minds over the course of a campaign. Describe Professor Vavreck's evidence on this point from Identity Crisis.Only 5% of voters change their minds on each side in the 2016 camping seasonWhy are women underrepresented in congress?Women feel like they are not suited for a political positionWhy is it difficult to have a third party in the American electoral system?Winner-takes-all makes it difficult for a third party, so a third party could team up with either candidate.describe the paradox of choice.The more options we have the more unhappy we are with our final choice, and we compare it to what it could be.what was the general outcome from citizens united v FEC (2010) Supreme Court case and why was it so controversial?Helped create SuperPAC, an organization (independent) with no limit to what they can donate in a campaign, can't directly donate to a candidate or campaign. Fairness problem: you can outspend the other candidate.According to Prof Vavreck, what were 3 groups with whom Hillary Clinton had problems mobilizing?Women, African American, and Latinos. Mobilizing: getting your own party to vote for you.What is transparency in politics?no secretsWhat problems can transparency have?Grandstanding and less-compromiseWhat type of people tend to run for congress?Hall: The type of people who run are systematically different from normal people. In what way? They are more politically extreme!why we do not see moderate people running for officeWhen given the chance, voters tend to select candidates who are more moderate, but we are often not given the chance!!!Trump supporter are more hard-core aboutimmigration and their views on African Americans and Muslims