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SD43Bio12 Circulatory System

What is the main function of the capillaries?
Exchange of nutrients and wastes with tissues
Which generic blood vessel has the largest lumen?
Internal respiration occurs in what vessel?
What blood vessel has the largest cross-sectional area?
Valves are present in which of the following?
Heart, aorta, veins
heart and veins
When atriums are in systole, the ventricles are in______
Blood from the lower body is brought to the heart through what?
Inferior/lower vena cava
The ______ brings blood to the kidneys.
renal artery
The _______ carries nutrients to a baby?
umbilical vein
At the arteriole end of a capillary, small molecules are squeezed out of capillaries because of what?
High blood pressure
Water failing to enter venous end of capillaries enter what system?
What nerve connects to the heart?
Vagus Nerve
Which chamber of the heart does the aorta originate from?
Left ventricle
The structure separating the left and right side of the heart is called?
the septum
The AV node functions to control what?
Ventricular systole
True of false. The left region of the heart is more muscular than the right.
What prevents the inversion of the valves in the heart?
Chordae Tendinae and papilliary muscles
The SA node receives stimuli from what?
Medulla Oblongata
Where in your upper body does your carotid artery go?
The hepatic portal vein connects which 2 organs together?
Intestine and liver
In a fetal circuit, what is the function of the venous duct?
To bypass the fetal liver as it is still unfunctional
Which is larger the umbilical vein or artery?
The pulmonary circuit carries blood from ______ to the _______.
Heart -> lungs
What component of blood helps with blood clotting?
The function of red blood cells is to?
Carry oxygen to cells
Generally speaking, the life span of which component of blood is the longest?
red blood cells
Which compound in hemoglobin functions to carry oxygen?
After entering the right ventricle, blood will then be pumped into the ________.
Pulmonary trunk
What are the functions of the circulatory system?
Maintain body temperature
Exchange of oxygen and wastes
Which 2 vessels enter the right atria?
Inferior and superior vena cavas
True of false. The semi-lunar valves are found in all veins.
An optimal resting blood pressure reading would be...
True of false. Blood is a connective tissue.
The white blood cells in blood are used to....
fight infections by engulfing foreign cells
The aorta branches into what?
Numerous arteries
Foreign substances in the circulatory system are called?
What is pulmonary edema?
The pooling of tissue fluid in lungs
In the left region of the heart is the blood oxygenated or deoxygenated?
What unit is used to measure blood pressure?
mm Hg (mercury)
The sinoatrial node is responsible for what?
intrinsic heart beat