12 terms


ketonemia is defined as an elevation of
ketones in the blood
Which of the following describes the sum of all chemical reactions that go on in living cells?
all of the following are among the functions of the liver except
production of red blood cells
The body's need for water increases on a diet high in
Which of the following can not be formed from acetyl CoA molecules?
What is MEOS?
A system of enzymes that oxidizes alcohol and drugs
Fatty acid oxidation results in the direct production of
acetyl CoA
An immediate consequence of a cellular deficiency of oxaloacetate is a slowing of
the TCA cycle
A person who eats in response to arousal is most likely experiencing
stress eating
Which of the following hormones is most responsible for signaling satiety as well as reducing food intake during a meal?
What is the approximate value for the thermic effect of a 2500-kcalorie diet?
250 kcal
All of the following are common behaviors of people afflicted with muscle dysmorphia except
use of cathartics and emetics