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NC Medication Aide - Full Study Guide

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Use the following prescription label for the following questions (100-103):

Rx 200000 01/03/03
Jim Barefoot

Take one tablet by mouth three times daily before meals and at bedtime.

Metoclopramide 10 mg

#30 tablets

Dsp. By J. Brickley, RPh.
Dr. Doug Fitzgerald
Refills: 0
Exp. 01/30/04

100. The order on the MAR for the above resident is: "Propulsid 10mg one tablet three times daily before meals and at bedtime." The medication container received from the pharmacy is labeled as indicated above. You should:

A. Give the medication received from the pharmacy three times daily before meals and at bedtime.
B. Not give the medication and leave a note for staff on the next shift.
C. Not give the medication and notify the supervisor, pharmacist, nurse or physician according to the facility's policy.

101. According to the prescription label, there are no refills for the medication. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The medication should be discontinued after the 30 tablets are administered.
B. The physician should be contacted regarding the refills, before all the medication is administered.

102. The name of the pharmacist is:

A. Dr. Doug Fitzgerald.
B. Jim Barefoot.
C. J. Brickley.
D. Not given.

103. If a prescription label becomes soiled or directions change, you should:

A. Write the directions on the medication label so everyone can read the directions.
B. Call the pharmacy for a new label and tape the new label over the soiled or incorrect label.
C. Report it to the supervisor, nurse or pharmacist.