Speech/Communication NBE

49 terms by penwellj

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Speech/Communication NBE

Ambiguous Response

a discomforting response with more than one meaning, leaving the other party unsure of the responder's position


the process of pronouncing all the necessary parts of a word


the process of focusing on certain stimuli from the environment


the medium through which a message passes from sender to receiver


the emotional tone of a relationship as it is expressed in the messages that the partners send and receive


the process of human beings responding to verbal/nonverbal behavior. A human survival skill needed to maintain contact with the world


clear and brief


the emotional associations of a term


agreement between group members about a decision


the believeability of a speaker or other source of information

Defensive Listening

taking innocent comments as personal attacks


the objective, emotion-free meaning of a term

Empathetic Listening

listening in which the goal is to help the speakers solve a problem


physical location and personal history surrounding the communication


words that have more than one dictionary meaning


a pleasant term substituted for a more direct, less pleasant term

Evaluative Listening

listening in which the goal is to judge the quality or accuracy of the speaker's remarks

Extemporaneous Speech

a speech planned in advance, but not memorized, presented without notes in a direct, conversational manner

Faulty Assumptions

incorrect assumptions that lead us to believe that we have heard the message before or that the message is too simple or too complex to understand


the discernible response of the receiver


the speech memorized or delivered word-for-word from a manuscript


a speech given "off the top of one's head" without preparation

Informational Listening

listening to understand another person or idea

Interpersonal Communication

communication in which the two parties involved consider one another as individuals

Intrapersonal Communication

communication with oneself


the stude of body movements, gestures, and posture


a speechthat is read word-for-word from a prepared text


a speech that is learned and delivered by rote without a written text


a speaker's words and actions

Message Overload

excessive written or verbal information


a force that interferes with the process of communication


the highness or lowness of one's voice


the study of how people use space


giving the appearance of listening

Public Communication

one person speaking with limited verbal feedback

Public Relations

the art or science of establishing and promoting a favorable relationship with the public


the speed at which one speaks


Decodes the message

Relative Terms

the relatively stable set of perceptions each individual holds of himself or herself


the processof deliverately revealing information abouot oneself that is significant and that would not normally be known by others


the degree of regard a person holds for himself

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

a prediciton or expectation of an event that makes the outcome more likely to ovvur than would otherwise


deals with the meanings of words


encodes and sends the message

Stage Hogging

not listening because he is only interested in what he has to say


deals with the arrangement of words in a sentence


a complete sentence describing the central idea of a speech, usually found in the first paragraph


the quality of one's voice


the loudness of one's voice

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