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Which elements convey the rational nature of the Neoclassical style in Anne-Louis Girodet's Jean-Baptiste Belley?
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Jacques-Louis David created The Oath of the Horatii in order to inspire opposition to King Louis XVI, which led to the French Revolution in 1789. T or FF, In fact David created the painting on behalf of Louis XVI. Although its promotion of patriotic self-sacrifice is often linked with revolutionary ideals, the painting's Neoclassical structure and stillness were intended to convey a vision of stability and order.Which of the following qualities best characterize Romanticism in art?- Individual emotions and creativity are emphasized. - The power of nature is often emphasized. - Artworks often address social issues.Which of these statements is true about the French Academy of Painting and Sculpture?- Students were not allowed to study a living model until after they had copied ancient works. - Students competed for a prize to study in Rome. - It held an important public exhibition called the Salon. - Students were required to study Greek and Roman mythology.This artwork relates to the French Revolution of 1789. T or FF, this painting was made as a specific response to the French July Revolution of 1830.What is the name of the particular feeling or idea that Romantic landscapes like those painted by the Hudson River School were meant to invoke in viewers?The SublimeArtists during the Enlightenment often used mythological settings to symbolize reason. T or FFAngelica KauffmannCornelia Pointing to her Children as her Treasures, 1785Anne Vallayer-CosterCorrect label: Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le BrunWhich of these paintings was exhibited at the French Academy of Painting and Sculpture's Salon of 1785?Oath of HoratiiWho argued that society must support equal rights and education?Jean-Jacques RousseauAmericans in the late eighteenth century adopted which artistic and architectural style in order to express their ideals of equality, patriotism, and civic responsibility?NeoclassicismWhat social and human rights cause did this work by William Blake address?Abolition of SlaveryThomas Jefferson was inspired by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio when designing Monticello. T or FT