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19 terms

points 4 divergent channel

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LU Divergent
axilla (LU1>CHEST, LU, LI), chest, SCF, throat(LI18)
LI Divergent
hand (Li4),SCF, SCF, Throat (Li18)
ST Divergent
ant. portion thigh, lower ab ( ST, SP, HT) , mouth, EYE
ST divergent enters
SP Divergent
ant portion thigh, lower ab, throat, mouth
SP divergent penetrates
HT Divergent
axillary fossa, axillary fossa, face, Eye (Ub1)
Si Divergent
shoulder, axillary fossa, N/A, N/A
UB Divergent
popliteal fossa(UB40), 5 cun below sacrum( UB, KI, HT), Nape, nape (ub10)
UB divergent enters from below sacrum
Ki Divergent
popliteal fossa (Ki10), 5cun below sacrum, nape, nape (UB10)
Ki divergent enters from below sacrum
Ki, UB, DAI >root of tongue
PC divergent
3 cun below axilla, chest (PC), retroauricular, mastoid process
Sj Divergent
vertex, SCF (St12), N/A, N/A
SJ divergent enters from SCF (St 12)
PC & descends to 3 Jiaos
GB divergent
thigh (Gb30), Pubic Hairline, mandible, outer canthus
Gb divergent enters from pubic hairline
LV, GB, HT, Esophagus
LIV Divergent
Dorsum of foot, Pubic Region
LIV divergent enters at pubic region
GB Divergent channel & together> LV/GB, HT, & Esophagus