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The ability of an individual to perceive multiple characteristics of another person rather than attend to just a few traits is a function of their:

cognitive complexity

The traits associated with high-performing employees are:

conscientiousness and emotional stability

The four main driving forces creating and shaping changes at work include:

globalization, diversity, ethics, and technology

Gifts are not usually a requirement in business dealings, though presenting a small gift will generally be appreciated as gesture of goodwill in which of the following cultures?


count of the times a student asks a question or makes a comment in an organizational behavior course is a/an:

behavioral measure of personality

Which trait is associated with less absenteeism at work?

positive affect

The description of an organization as more like a snake pit, with daily conflict, distress, and struggle, would come from which level within the organization?

individual level

Personality is shaped by:

heredity and environment

As a manager that understands the implications of self-esteem on work behavior, you should:

give them appropriate challenges and opportunities for success

Attention to diversity has particularly increased in recent years because of:

the changing demographics of the working population

According to the MBTI a successful top executive is likely to be a/an:

extrovert, sensor, thinker, and judger

The task of an organization is reflected in its:

mission, purpose or goa

An internal perspective of human behavior tends to explain a person's actions in terms of:

personal value system

The science of human behavior and individual differences is:


The study of individual behavior and group dynamics in organizational settings describes the content of study in:

organizational behavior

Which of the following would not be considered sexual harassment?

In trying to make an important point when issuing job instructions, a male supervisor puts his hand on the employee's shoulder. He does this with both male and female employees

When a student attributes a high test grade to his or her diligent study habits and a low grade to the instructor's poorly worded questions, the student is displaying:

self-serving bias

he snake pit metaphor of organization behavior conveys the:

the dark side of human behavior

Crude comments or sexual jokes and behaviors that disparage someone's sex or convey hostility is considered which type of sexual harassment?

gender harassment

When a female softball player is given more applause for a home run hit than a male teammate, the reason would most likely be due to:

contrast against a stereotype

Individuals possessing an internal locus of control:

prefer participative management styles

Which generation of workers tends to strive for moral rights in the workplace and take a more activist position regarding employee rights?

baby boomers

The globalization of business and changing demographic trends will present organizations with a tremendously culturally diverse workforce which represents the risk that:

prejudices and stereotypes will prevent managers and employees from developing a synergy that can benefit the organizations

The Hawthorne Studies uncovered the importance of:

the informal organization

Assume you are the manager of a department with a diverse work group, but white males comprise the largest subgroup. Many of the white males resent having to work along side of female and minority employees who have less seniority and work experience but are paid the same. Several conflicts and incidents have taken place between the white males and others that have disrupted the workplace. Which of the following approaches would be more appropriate and effective in dealing with this situation?

Indicate that discriminatory and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and initiate a series of meetings to address the problems and encourage open and frank discussion of the issues.

Whistle-blowing is:

legally protected

An organization's suppliers, customers, and federal regulators is called the:

task environment

Which statement best captures the spirit of managing diversity?

It is a painful examination of hidden assumptions that employees hold.

The recent growth of corporate wellness programs is an example of a contribution from which discipline?


The implicit or explicit demands for sexual favors by threatening negative job-related consequences or promising job-related rewards is considered:

sexual coercion

The obligation of an organization to behave in ethical ways is known as:

social responsibility

A leading force currently driving change at work is:

global competition

All of the following are examples of individual differences except


The description of an organization as clockworks, in which human behavior is logical and rational, would come from which level within the organization?

organizational level

Achievement-oriented individuals attribute their failures to:

lack of effort

Low self-monitors tend to:

be slow in responding to situational cues

Which of the following is not an internal component of a work organization?

product market

When you attribute the performance in this class to the type of exams and their relative difficulty, you are making what type of attribution?


As a supervisor of a group of employees, all of whom have an internal locus of control, you should:

allow them considerable leeway in determining how to perform their work

Suppose, for example, that a sales manager is evaluating the performance of his employees. One employee does not get along well with colleagues and rarely completes sales reports on time. This employee, however, generates the most new sales contracts in the office. The sales manager chooses to ignore the negative information and evaluates the salesperson only on contracts generated. The manager is exercising:

selective perception

Individuals who make external attributions will be more likely to:

develop feelings of incompetence which may lead to depression

A supervisor's high expectations of a new employee and the subsequent high performance of that employee is known as:

self-fulfilling prophecy

Emphasizing the use of inclusive language such as "partner" instead of "spouse" would be directed at what type of diversity?

sexual orientation

The Americans with Disabilities Act defines disabled as:

anyone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities

All of the following are characteristics of the target of one's perceptions, except:

purpose and context of encounter or interaction

A problem with the behavioral measure for personality would be:

the observer's ability to stay focused

The process of interpreting information about another person is:

social perception

Increasing workforce diversity is likely to reduce __________ as a barrier to social perception.


Globalization implies all of the following except:

an organization's nationality is held strongly in consciousness

The extent to which people base their behavior on cues from other people and situations refers to:


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