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Randomization only happens in level 1 except 2B which would be like a pilot study!!! Randomization means its well tested. Level A studies are all systematic reviews where they get results from multiple studies whereas all level B studies are its conducting its own study)
1. 1A- systematic review of homogenous randomized controlled trial (i.e., same population, same intervention, etc)- taking multiple studies and getting a conclusion about them about a homogenous population.
2. 1B- randomized controlled trial (RCT)- randomly puts people randomly in experimental or control group to conduct a study
-This is not a pilot or feasibility study =large sample size.
3. 2A- systematic review of cohort studies -Same thing as 2B except you're comparing the tx results from multiple studies.
4. 2B- individual prospective cohort study, low quality RCT (pilot or feasibility because you dont have other info from other studies since it could be an initial study or you just have small sample size); ecological studies; two-group (every individual gets treatment and you're looking at how they are before, during, and after intervention and comparing each person to themselves over period of time aka cohort. If its 2 groups you compare tx to people who have condition and those who dont).
Ex. you're getting some therapeutic tx before, during, and after therapy and you look at their rate of change
5. 3A- systematic review of case-control studies (taking a bunch of studies and comparing the significance of the study of 2 different groups (1 w/ condition 1 w/out and reporting the results)