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  1. Food service personnel lab determination
  2. Workplace monitoring plan completed form
  3. Asbestos exposure
  4. Asbetos records
  5. Workplace assessment conducted by
  1. a industrial hygienist, qualified technician
  2. b done by physician
  3. c aviation mechanic (AME), builder (BU), engineman (EN), medical personnel
    (NOT IT's)
  4. d kept indefinitely
  5. e OPNAV 5100/14

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  1. insulation covering heat producing equipment and pipes
  2. mail or hand deliver to NEHC
  3. hobbies and active sports
  4. exterior of health record and x-ray jacket must be prominently marked with "ASBESTOS" on the exterior
  5. analysis of bulk ID samples initially, analysis of airborne asbestos samples initially

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  1. General workplace control practicesOPNAV 5100/15


  2. Crocidolite formblue asbestos


  3. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission cuttingcut at 1/2 inch (quarter sized) diameter core


  4. Chrysotileblue asbestos


  5. Department head of (engineering, AIMD, or repair)OPNAV 5100/15