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  1. Asbestos disposal procedures
  2. NAVMED 6260/7
  3. Some thermal insulation is marked "asbestos free"
  4. Crocidolite
  5. Industrial hygiene
  1. a chest x-ray: use for current and past 10+ years since exposure
  2. b dispose in double, heavy duty (6 mm thick) plastic bags or other impermeable container
  3. c blue asbestos
  4. d do NOT rely on any such markings
  5. e involves the identification and evaluation of occupational health hazards

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  1. mail or hand deliver to NEHC
  2. hydrated fibrous mineral which may contain iron, magnesium, calcium, or sodium
  3. high, 500-1500 C
  4. hepatitis B vaccine series complete or prior infection documented
  5. identify personnel involved in asbestos repair or removal operations

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  1. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission resultsa sample should be taken for every 10 feet of lagging if it is the same materials


  2. Friableemergency asbestos ripout team


  3. Asbestosis latency periodup to 20 years


  4. Crocidolite formblue asbestos


  5. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission cuttingcut at 1/2 inch (quarter sized) diameter core