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  1. Audiology
  2. Medical department determinations
  3. Situational examinations
  4. AMSP requirements: 35-44 year old past worker with more than 10 years since first exposure
  5. Occupational medicine
  1. a periodic (annual) every 2 years
  2. b the science of hearing, particularly the study of impaired hearing that cannot be improved by medication or surgery
  3. c when employee had possible overexposure
  4. d Medical officer or occupational health nurse will place person on relevant medical surveillance program and sign the form
  5. e focuses on medical surveillance for employees potentially exposed to hazards that are identified on workplace monitoring plan

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  1. baseline only
  2. dispose in double, heavy duty (6 mm thick) plastic bags or other impermeable container
  3. aviation mechanic (AME), builder (BU), engineman (EN), medical personnel
    (NOT IT's)
  4. done by physician
  5. exterior of health record and x-ray jacket must be prominently marked with "ASBESTOS" on the exterior

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  1. Asbestosis cause of deathup to 20 years


  2. Some thermal insulation is marked "asbestos free"do NOT rely on any such markings


  3. Medical surveillance exam purposedetect early indicators of excessive work exposure


  4. Chrysotilematerial that can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder under hand pressure, thereby releasing airborne fibers


  5. Medical surveillance examination recordskeep for 50 years


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