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  1. Occupational health organization subdivisions
  2. Asbestos bulk sample collection and submission results
  3. General workplace control practices
  4. Toxicology
  5. Industrial hygiene
  1. a involves the identification and evaluation of occupational health hazards
  2. b routine removal should be performed by shore intermediate maintenance activity (SIMA)
  3. c the scientific study of poisons, their action and detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them
  4. d results of sample will be recorded on the DD 1222 and returned to the command
  5. e industrial hygiene (IH), occupational medicine

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  1. medical department determinations
  2. cut at 1/2 inch (quarter sized) diameter core
  3. Medical officer or occupational health nurse will place person on relevant medical surveillance program and sign the form
  4. done by physician
  5. exterior of health record and x-ray jacket must be prominently marked with "ASBESTOS" on the exterior

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  1. Asbestos disposal proceduresdispose in double, heavy duty (6 mm thick) plastic bags or other impermeable container


  2. Manual and medical matrixfocuses on medical surveillance for employees potentially exposed to hazards that are identified on workplace monitoring plan


  3. Asbestos exposurekept indefinitely


  4. Pre-examination chest x-rayasbestos posterior and anterior


  5. Lagginginsulation covering heat producing equipment and pipes