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  1. Part 2
  2. OPNAV 5100/15
  3. Exposure to blood and/or body fluids qualifications
  4. Asbestos disposal procedures
  5. EART
  1. a dispose in double, heavy duty (6 mm thick) plastic bags or other impermeable container
  2. b update medical surveillance questionnaire
  3. c hepatitis B vaccine series complete or prior infection documented
  4. d hobbies and active sports
  5. e emergency asbestos ripout team

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  1. the scientific study of poisons, their action and detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them
  2. 0.1 f/cc at an 8 hour TWA
  3. aviation mechanic (AME), builder (BU), engineman (EN), medical personnel
    (NOT IT's)
  4. insulation covering heat producing equipment and pipes
  5. white asbestos

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  1. Barber and beauty shop employees performed certificationsIAW NAVMED P-5010


  2. Chrysotile heat resistance/temperatureup to 20 years


  3. Workplace monitoring plan completed formindustrial hygienist, qualified technician


  4. Industrial hygieneinvolves the identification and evaluation of occupational health hazards


  5. Crocidolite formblue asbestos