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  1. Medical surveillance questionaire
  2. Manual and medical matrix
  3. Toxicology
  4. Asbestos control program training:IH officers
  5. Situational examinations
  1. a analysis of bulk ID samples initially, analysis of airborne asbestos samples initially
  2. b standardized minimum requirments for medical surveillance and job certification
  3. c the scientific study of poisons, their action and detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them
  4. d OPNAV 5100/15
  5. e when employee had possible overexposure

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  1. shipboard asbestos reponse initial, respiratory protection initial and annual
  2. exterior of health record and x-ray jacket must be prominently marked with "ASBESTOS" on the exterior
  3. chest x-ray: use for current and past 10+ years since exposure
  4. emergency asbestos ripout team
  5. triennial

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  1. OPNAV 5100/15update medical surveillance questionnaire


  2. Food service personnel re-screeningfollowing absence from job for 30 days or more


  3. Asbestos exposurekept indefinitely


  4. Some thermal insulation is marked "asbestos free"OPNAV 5100/15


  5. Medical surveillance exam purposeOPNAV 5100/15


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