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  1. Exposure to blood and/or body fluids program frequency
  2. Asbestos control program training:IH officers
  3. Toxicology
  4. EART
  5. OPNAV 5100/15
  1. a baseline only
  2. b emergency asbestos ripout team
  3. c the scientific study of poisons, their action and detection, and the treatment of conditions produced by them
  4. d update medical surveillance questionnaire
  5. e analysis of bulk ID samples initially, analysis of airborne asbestos samples initially

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  1. identify personnel involved in asbestos repair or removal operations
  2. industrial hygiene (IH), occupational medicine
  3. hepatitis B vaccine series complete or prior infection documented
  4. up to 20 years
  5. hydrated fibrous mineral which may contain iron, magnesium, calcium, or sodium

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  1. Record keeping requirementskeep all IH records for 40 years


  2. Manual and medical matrixstandardized minimum requirments for medical surveillance and job certification


  3. Asbestos disposal proceduresaviation mechanic (AME), builder (BU), engineman (EN), medical personnel
    (NOT IT's)


  4. Part 2medical department determinations


  5. Pre-examination chest x-rayasbestos posterior and anterior