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  1. folways; mores
  2. popular culture
  3. Reliability (process of measurement)
  4. nonmaterial culture
  5. vary together
  1. a Cultural patterns that are widespread among a societies population are referred to as:
  2. b Whether repeating the measurement yields consistent results.
  3. c ________ are rules about everyday casual living; _________ are rules with great moral significance.
  4. d The intangible world of ideas created by members of a society is referred to as:
  5. e Two variables are said to display coorelation if:

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  1. Three of the following statements below are part of the definition of a cause and effect relationship. One is not. Which one is not?
  2. Gerhard Lenski claimed that which of the following has the greatest power to shape a society.
  3. Social structures sometimes have negative consequences for the operation of society as a whole. What is the term for these negative consequences?
  4. A theory states that increasing a person's formal education results in increased earnings over a lifetime period. In this theory higher education is the:
  5. Which disipline defines itself as the systematic study of human society?

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  1. societyA logical system that bases knowledge on direct systematic observation.


  2. cultural transmissionGaining the ability to modify genetic patterns before understanding the possible social consequences of this kind of work.


  3. Auguste ComteThe term sociology was coined in 1838 by?


  4. TheoryStandards by which people who share culture define what is desireable, good and beautiful are called:


  5. symbol(defines by sociologists)Which disipline defines itself as the systematic study of human society?