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Intermediate 4h Rabbit Showmanship Questions

4h Showmanship Questions
Which is heavier, a mature buck or a doe of the same breed?
How many vertabrae does a rabbit have?
How many ribs does a rabbit have?
24. 12 on each side
What is a father rabbit called?
What is a mother rabbit called?
What is a pedigree?
A written chart of the rabbits ancestors for at least 3 generations
What does a 4 class breed mean?
Junior Buck, Junior Doe, Senior Buck, Senior Doe
What does a 6class breed mean?
Junior buck and doe, intermediate buck and doe, Senior buck and doe.
What is a Junior?
A rabbit under 6 months of age
What is an intermediate?
For larger breeds, a 6-8 month old rabbit
What is a Senior?
For the smaller breeds, a rabbit over 6 months of age for larger breeds, over 8 months of age
List 6 reasons why rabbits are raised.
Show, meat, pet, fur, lab work, manure fertilizer
How is a rabbit temperature regulated?
Through their ears
True or false: rabbits perspire just like people.
How do you treat fur mites?
You use cat flea powder you don't want to use dog flea powder because it is too strong
What is another name for conjunctivitis?
Weepy eye
What is an ear canker?
Scabs caused by ear mites
What is the term for the feel of the fur?
What is a nick?
A rabbit that is superior to both it's parents
What is butting teeth?
Simple malocclusion
What are the two most important things needed for disease control?
Sanitation and ventilation
What is coprophagy?
Eating off the night feces
True or false: rabbits practice coprophagy only at night
What vitamin does a rabbit get from eating the night feces?
What is an infected malady system called?
Name four symptoms of snuffles?
Caughing ,sneezing, white nasal discharge ,matted paws
Do rabbits carry a fungus that can be given to humans of other animals?
Yes- Ringworm
Give another term for vereral disease?
Vent disease
What disease is known as the silent killer?
What causes wry neck?
Middle ear infection
What causes slobbers?
An abscessed tooth
What is the best way to prevent enteritis?
Feed rabbits high fiber diet
What is a rupture?