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  1. vector
  2. melanoma
  3. microbe
  4. parasite
  5. 3rd degree burn
  1. a malignant black mole or malignant tumor of the skin.
  2. b an organism that lives in or on another organism; one who lives off another person. ex: bacteria, virus, fungus
  3. c any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease. ex:mosquito, tick, flea, any arthropods
  4. d complete destruction of epidermis and dermis, involves underlying muscle and bone, destruction of nerve endings after injury, fluid loss big problem
  5. e germ. bacteria or virus

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  1. infection of the skin caused by a fungus. athletes foot, ringworm. Be careful not to pet stray kittens
  2. contagious skin disease caused by an itch mite burrowing under the skin
  3. study of the cause of disease
  4. pertaining to disease of unknown origin
  5. A pressure-induced ulceration of the skin occurring in persons confined to bed for long periods of time. bedsore

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  1. hyperplasiaa change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other.
    cancer cells


  2. Boilsultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts. Parasite.


  3. squamous cell carcinomaType of skin cancer more serious than basal cell carcinoma; often characterized by scaly red papules or nodules.


  4. tumorsa parasitic plant lacking chlorophyll and leaves and true stems and roots and reproducing by spores. ex: athletes foot, ringworm


  5. mycoticbeing long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering