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Cerebral Toxoplasmosis

Symptoms are fever confusion and coma, results in only mild symptoms or none at all, can infect fetus may cause stillbirth or born with sever brain damage, it is an infection of the central nervous system, cats are main carrier


Symptoms are chills fever night sweats jaundice swollen liver apleen and anemia, affects the liver circulatory system and RBCs, matures in the liver reproduce in the plasma cells, mosquito are common vector, caused by PLASMODIUM PROTOZOAN


Symptoms are large skin lesions may be localized or spread, is a fly(sandfly) or rodent borne disease, common cause for infection is failure to use insect repellant


Is a prolonged diarrheal disease, symptoms are malaise flatulence weight loss, most outbreaks are transmitted via contaminated water


Is a sever dysentery, feces contain blood and mucus, contaminated by cysts of the protzoan entamoeba histolytica


Is a co infection with gonorrhea, symptoms are frothy greenish-yellow discharge and foul odor, is most common pathogenic protozoan in industrialized countries

Worms and Lice

May not cause diseases but are not beneficial to humans


Disease also referred to as worms

Three Basic Groups of Worms

Nematodes, Cestodes, Trematodes


Pinworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms


Infest the upper intestinal region, in severe cases can cause anemia and growth retardation


Infest the lower intestinal reion and colon, often seen exiting the anus, are highly communicable




Symptoms usually asymptomatic but can include anemia weight loss malabsorption of nutrients, can travel to extra intestinal sites such as liver muscle eyes or CNS, eggs or worm segments found in patients stool


Flatworms or flukes(develop in freshwater snails)


Symptoms are urinary disturbances dysentery or liver cirrhosis, common sign is evidence of worms from a liver biopsy, one species is the major cause of acquired epilepsy


Burrow into the skin which is red-brownish in color, symptoms are intense itching which worsens at night after bathing, is caused by a mite



Pediculosis humanus corpis/humanus

Body lice

Pediculosis humanus capitis

Head lice

Pediculosis pubis

Pubic lice also called crabs


Live off the blood of the host, cause intense itching and scratching, frequently found in areas with crowded living conditions

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