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Salutary Neglect
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Albany Plan of UnionBen Franklin's plan to unite the colonies under one government to defeat France.Abigail AdamsJohn Adam's wife, she appealed to her husband to protect the rights of womenThomas Hobbesbelieved that people are born selfish and need a strong central authorityFrench and Indian Wara war in North America between France and Britain (both aided by indian tribes)Sugar ActTaxed sugar and molassesJohn HancockAmerican revolutionary patriot who was president of the Continental CongressLexington and Concordfirst battles of the Revolutionary WarMercantilismbelief in the benefits of profitable trading; commercialism.Second Continental Congressthey called their troops to get ready to fightSan AdamsCousin of John Adam, a member of the Sons of Liberty and an activist towards the patriot cause.Boston Massacreincident in 1770 in which British troops fired on and killed American colonistsTrans-Atlantic Slave TradeA trading system in which goods and humans moved between the colonies, Africa and England. Provided labor on colonial plantations.Boston Port BillClosed down Boston Harbor until the damage from the tea party was paid for in full.Fixed Melancholydeep psychological depression that slaves developed on the journey across the Atlantic; refused to eat and willed themselves to deathMassachusetts Government ActAct which reduced the power of the Massachusetts legislature while increasing the power of the royal governorShay's Rebellionrevolt led by daniel shay protesting the taxing of farmersoctoronperson of one-eighth black ancestryAnnapolis Convention-Held in September 1786 to consider problems of trade and navigationthe "new" quartering actgave colonial governors the right to give up unoccupied buildings to troolsArticles of ConfederationA weak constitution that governed America during the Revolutionary War.quadroona person of one-quarter black ancestryAdministration of Justice ActOne of the Coercive Acts, which allowed royal officials accused of crimes to be tried in England instead of the colonies.MulattoA person of mixed African and European ancestryCoercive ActsThis series of laws were very harsh laws that intended to make Massachusetts pay for its resistance. It also closed down the Boston Harbor until the Massachusetts colonists paid for the ruined tea. Also forced Bostonians to shelter soilders in their own homes.intolerable actsseries of laws passed in 1774 to punish Boston for the Tea Party