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Credit to:Sarah Imes and Ian Borden

Antonin Artaud called actors

athletes of the heart

What does actor do?

communicate w audience in a more direct form

Konstantin Stanislavski said actor must

live truthfully in imaginary circumstances

Actor skills

Dance, drama, characters and voice

Triple threat

can act, sing, dance well

Designers are including

set, costumes and makeup, lights, sound and props (nontextual mean)

A prop is anything that is not

furniture (book, bag, sword)

A drapper is someone

folds fabric onto a person to create a dress (toga)finished by stitcher

Director responsible for

all the creative production of a show

Director must have

passion for theater, conceptual vision, thinking outside the box etc

Stage manager do:

attend design meetings, keeps rehearsals on track - 3 steps ahead (Megan Thompson)

Non-profit theater run by

artistic director

Largest producing org

Shubert org (own 16 of 36 Broadway houses), Disney and Universal Pictures

"The Lion King" begin at regional theater

Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis then to Broadway

Dramatists Guild is a community

of playwrights, composers and lyricists dedicated to protect, inform and promote the interests of dramatists everywhr

Ian Borden directed ___ in Johnny Carson School of Theater at UNL

production of Howard Brenton's "Bloody Poetry"

D. Scott Glasser noted

director find truth for all plays and productions

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