Soft Tissue Injuries of the Distal Limbs

22 terms by samstewartrvaa

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are shearing injuries usually on the medial or lateral side of the carpal joint?

styloid process of radius, radial carpal bone

replacement of a medial collateral ligament at the carpus is done so by placing bone screw at what 2 locations?

styloid process of ulna, ulnar carpal bone

replacement of a lateral collateral ligament at the carpus is done so by placing bone screw at what 2 locations?

palmar fibrocartilage, palmar ligaments

hyperextension injuries of the carpus result in tearing of what 2 types of structures?


stance that a dog is standing in with a hyperextension injury of the carpus

partial carpal arthrodesis, pancarpal arthrodesis

2 possible surgical treatments for a hyperextension injury of the carpus


in which joint of the carpus does the most carpal movement occur?


in which joint of the carpus do hyperextension injuries most commonly occur?


when performing a pancarpal arthrodesis, a DCP is applies to what surface?

middle carpal, carpometacarpal

when performing a partial carpal arthrodesis, what 2 joints are fused using pins or T plates?

suture prostheses, bone screws, washers

3 materials used to replace collateral ligaments of the tarsal joint

tibiotarsal arthrodesis

procedure done for severe comminuted intraarticular fractures of the tarsus (also for severe DJD, chronic instability, and sciatic nerve plasty)

long digital extensor

in surgical correction of sciatic nerve palsy, a tibiotarsal arthrodesis is combined with transposition of what tendon?


when doing a tibiotarsal arthrodesis the tibia and talus are joined with how many lag screws?


when doing a tibiotarsal arthrodesis what type of screw is placed from the tibia to the tuber calcis?


with rupture of the common calcanean tendon, will there be hyperextension or hyperflexion of the tarsus?

locking loop

type of suture pattern used to repair common calcanean tendon ruptures

external fixator, positional screw

2 ways to immobilize the tarsus following repair of a ruptured common calcanean tendon

tuber calcis

if there is insufficient common calcanean tendon distally for suture repair, the tendon can be sutured through a tunnel in what bone?

medial ridge of the talus

most common location of OCD in the tarsus


with OCD of the talus, will there be hyperextension or hyperflexion?


is it more appealing to repair OCD in the tarsus conservatively or with an arthrotomy?

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