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  1. second phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell
  2. first and longest phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes become visible and the centrioles separate and take up positions on the opposite sides of the nucleus

  3. reproductive process of cells, the cells nucleus divides so each new cell will have the same type and number of chromosomes as the parent cell
  4. :fibers that attach to chromosomes and move the chromosomes by pulling homologous chromosomes in opposite directions and pushing the poles apart
  5. in this stage, the chormosomes are pullled away from thhe middle to the spindle poles of the cell

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  1. daughter cellssplits the cytoplasm of a dividing cell into daughter cells


  2. chromosomesone of the two strands of a chromosome that become visible during meiosis or mitosis


  3. cell membranea specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape


  4. chromatidthreadlike structure within the nucleus containing the genetic information that is passed from one generation of cells to the next


  5. interphasecell growth phase where a cell increases in size, carries on metabolism, and duplicates chromosomes prior to division