21 terms


The number of different species in an area.
Ecological Value
A change that affects one species, will affect other species as well.
Economic Value
Tourism, Raw materials, Pharmaceuticals
Keystone Species
When removed from an ecosystem, there are far reaching effects.
Factors affecting biodiversity
Area, Climate, Niche Diversity
Niche Diversity
The more niches available in the environment, the greater the biodiversity
The larger it is, the more biodiversity
Closer to the equator the more biodiversity exists.
The most Biodiverse areas
Tropical Rain forests and Coral Reefs
The disappearance of a species from the planet earth
Protecting Biodiversity
Captive Breeding, Laws and Treaties, Habitat Preservation
Endangered Species
A species in danger of becoming extinct
Threatened Species
A species at risk of becoming endangered
Causes of Extinction
Habitat destruction, Habitat Fragmentation, Pollution, Poaching, Climate Change, and Introduction of exotic species
Habitat destruction
The single largest cause of extinction
Illegal killing of animals for all or part of their bodies
Noise, Heat, Toxic, Chemical materials that may not be toxic to humans but are toxic to others.
Habitat Fragmentation
Animals cannot move about freely in 'home'
Introduction of exotic species
crowds out native species and takes over habitat
Climate Change
Global warming, Ice Age, Long lasting drought or floods
Amphibian Crisis
One third of all amphibians species are currently threatened with extinction