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patients who are proned to atelectasis would include what

heavily sedated
major trauma
thoracic surgery
bed ridden

clinical signs of atelectasis would include all of the following except

hyperresonant not to percussion

types of incentive spirometers would include what

flow dependant
volume displacement

true or false once a need for SMI has been established the RCP needs to focus on explicit therapeutic outcomes


the RCP is administering an IPPB treatment on the bennett PR2 when they note the machine hesitates before cycling on. what is the most likely cause

flow is too low

the RCP is attempting to give an IPPB treatment with a Mark Bird 7 ventilator the circuit has been assembled correctly, and the ventilator is connected to a 50psi gas source. However, the ventilator will not trigger into inspiration despite the patients best effort. what do you suspect is the problem

the flow rate has been turned off

An IPPB ventilator designed primarily for home use is the

Bennett AP5

terminal flow may be found on the bennett ap5


the bird mark 8 is _______ powered

pneumatically powered

If the flow is too low when administering an IPPB treatment what would you observe

the machine hesitates before cycling on

If an IPPB ventilator fails to cycle into exhalation, the problem most likely would be

there is a leak

when the patient attempts to cycle on teh PR2 IPPB ventilator a -12cmH2O is recorded on the pressure manometer the RCP shoudl

increase the sensitivity

the IPPB ventilator is failing to cycle off, and you suspect a leak, possible places to check would include the following

patients nose
exhalation valve
patients mouth

if the PR2 ventilator had an internal leak the RCP would adjust the ________

terminal flow

BIPAP criteria may include which of the following

cooperative patient
stable hemodynamics
no need to protect airways

hazards to CPAP include all of the following

decreased venous return
decreased cardiac output

True or false hypoventilation is a danger of CPAP


indications for BIPAP include which of the following

COPD, CSA, Neuromuscular dysfunction, OSA

State two reasons that would cause the system pressure to drop more than -2cmH2O on inspiration with CPAP

leak and flow too low

what is the VTE range when setting BIPAP


state two indications for IS

treat and prevent atelectasis

state four hazards of IS

pulm. barotrauma

state two indications for CPAP

suggested CPAP continues tx
treat cardiogenic pulm. edema

state 4 hazards of CPAP

decreased QT
decreased venous return
decreased urinary output

state four indications for IPPB

need to improve lung expansion in presence of atelectasis when other therapy fails
unable to clear secretions
need for short term noninvasive vent. support for hypercapneic pts
need to deliver meds

state five hazards of IPPB

increase RAW
nosocomial infection
resp. alkalosis
decreased venous return

explain why COPD patients do well on BIPAP

blow off CO2

what level of pressure would an RCP start out at when administering an IPPB treatment

10 to 20cmH2O 6-8 bpm exp. 3-4 times longer than ins.

what pressures would the RCP set when administering BIPAP

IPAP -10cmH2O
EPAP -4 to 5cmH2O

what is the indication the RCP has reached optimal lung volumes when administering an IPPB

aeration in the lower lungs

state two parameters on the IPPB that will affect Vt

pressure and Flow

when administering Hyperinflation therapy, what parameters would be measured to indicate the effectiveness of the therapy

SPO2, RR, HR, BS, Xray, sputum

If the IPPB autocycles, what is the most likely cause


If the patient has a hard time cycling off the machine, what is the most likely cause

check for leaks

the most accurate method of measuring inspired volumes is

volume displacement

three methods of volume measurement used in IS include

timing the duration of a flow of gas
volume displacement
photoelectric sensing

gas pressure is regulated in the Bird ventilator by

magnetic attraction opposing gas pressure

gas pressure is regulated in the bennett ventilators by

a low pressure reducing valve

which of the following IS operate by volume displacement


which of the following IS operate using a photoelectric sensor


You are using a Bennett PR-2 ventilator to give an IPPB treatment you want to increase the delivered Vt. You should

increase the pressure

when giving an IPPB treatment, the ventilator triggers on and cycles off rapidly, which control should you adjust


which of the following controls will dilute the FIO2 delivered from a BEnnett PR-2 operating inthe source gas setting

terminal flow control

when giving IPPB therapy using a Bird Mark 7, changes in the delivered FIO2 can be attributed to

venturi gate

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