Law and public Safety

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Define positivism
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Saint Augustine believe the source of law came fromGods perfectionCreated the hierarchy of lawsSt.ThomasEternal law is the idea ofLWHS that are universally trueThe natura law is imprinted on an all man toKnow what is right and wrong inherentlyAn example of human law would beThe speed limit on a roadSeeing a child cry for help on a street is example ofNatural LawThomas Hobbes beloved law needed toFocus on the individual and not divinityHobbes theory of society and the need for laws was based on the beliefMen were inherently bad and would act to war without lawJohn Locke believed people were at their coreGoodWhich do the following is the primary source the founding fathers used to create the constitutionLockeLocke beloved in the followingAll of the aboveUnder what idolofy is Bentham believe the law should be set onUtilitarianismWhat did Jeremy Bentham do to his body after death?Mummify his bkdyHow does America's law system reflect that of the past philosophers?Checks and balances from John Locke. The economyHow can legal laws be known and understood without a specific writing?We know it's wrong from common lawHow is utilitarianism seen in our modern law world and why is not used fully?We can't sue the pain for pleasure but we see it during voting.I'm whay waus did John Locke influence the founding fathers of America?John Locke helped with individual rights, equality and checks and balances