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Final Exam

Which meter would most likely be associated with a march?


A texture in which a single voice takes over the melodic interest while accompanying voices are subordinate is called


The deliberate shifting of the accent to a weak beat or an offbeat is called:


The resting place at the end of a phrase is called:


The first note of the scale is called the:


The gradual swelling of the volume of music is called:


The term a cappella refers to choral music performed:

Without Accompaniment

Te instruments of the Western orchestra are categorized in four groups:

strings, brass, percussion and woodwinds

Which tonality would most likely be chosen for a triumphal march?


The percussion family is comprised of a variety of instruments that are made to sound by:

Striking and Shaking

The patriotic song America "My country tis of thee" is an example of:

Triple Meter

The quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument from another is


How many notes make up a pentatonic scale


When two or more independent melodic lines are combined, the resulting texture is called


Which element of music is measured in decibles


Should a composer write a film score to a horror movie, one might reasonably expect that the harmony would include a great deal of:


The first accented beat of a measure is called:

A downbeat

How do idiophones produce sound?

by shaking, scraping or striking the instrument itself

A succession of single tones or pitches perceived as a unit is called:

a melody

Which brass instrument uses a large, movable U-shaped slide to change notes?


The element that describes the musical fabric, or the relationship of musical lines within a work is called:


A combination of three or more tones that constitutes a single block of harmony is called:

a chord

The distance between two pitches is called:

an interval

The soprano brass instrument sometimes described as possessig a BRILLIANT timbre is the


The distance between the highest and lowest tones of a melody is called:

the range

The expressive device used by Renaissance composers to pictorialize words musically is called:

Word painting

A highly emotional song in an opera is called:

an aria

Th orchestral introduction heard at the beginning of the opera:


The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech is called:


An end-blown flute with a breathy toe is called:


_______ is traditionally associated with collecting the chants of the church.

Pope Gregory

The portion of the Mass that remains the same in every celebration of the service is called:

The Ordinary

Who was a leader in the Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther

The French courtly love song of the Middle Ages was called the


Where was the first madrigal developed


Which genre of vocal music was NOT used in Renaissance church services?


In Germany, aristocratic poet-musicians were called:


A setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called:


What is a cantus firmus?

A fragment of Gregorian chant or a secular tune used as the foundation of a polyphonic Mass.

What best describes the texture of the ideal Renaissance sacred music?


Which of the following would be considered an appropriate outdoor instrument?


Which of the following was the most important secular genre of the sixteenth century?


Medieval instruments can be classified as bas or haut, meaning:

Soft or loud

Which of the following was NOT a recommendation of the Council of Trent

To use instruments to embellish church music

Which of the following does not characterize Gregorian chant?

Triadic Harmonies

Which best describes the character of Farmer's Fair Phyllis (from your listening"?

pastoral and light

The early poolyphonic genre that resulted from the addition of texts to all voices was called:


A drama that is sung is called:

an Opera

The standard ranges of the human voice from highest to lowest are:

soprano,alto, tenor, bass

Music is propelled forward in time by:


Te degree of loudness or softness, or volume, at which music is played is called:


The technique through which performers create music on the spot is known as:


Woodwind instruments:

all have a pipe with holes

Instruments that produce sound by using air as the vibrating means are called:


What quality of a work of art refers to it structure or shape?


Organizing patterns of rhythmic pulses are called:


The rate of speed at which a piece of music is played is its:


Of the following, which is a pitched percussing instrument


Dido sings her famous lament n Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas just prior to:

Killing herself

A setting of Gregorian chant with two to four notes per syllable might be


The text of an opera is called the:


Of the following, which woman was a religious leader and a prominent figure in literature and music?

Hildegard of Bingen

The earliest type of polyphony was:


Which of the following was Not subject reflected in the poems of troubadours and trouvere?

The rebirth of classical learning

The medieval ancestor of the modern trombone is the:


In opera, the lyric melodies that release emotion are called recitatives.


__________was born in Germany and studied in Italy, but sent much of his creative life in England.


The famous choral climax in Part II of Handel's Messiah is

Hallelujah Course

Lully was the leading composer of opera in France


What is the principal element of a fugue?


The earliest operas took their plots from:

Greek Mythology

In the field of keyboard music, Bach's most important collection was:

The well-tempered clavier

Te solo instrument in the Spring, from the Four Seasons is:


A concerto based on the opposition of small and large groups of instrumental music was the:


Who was the greatest and most prolific Italian composer of concertos?


Chorales were intender to be sung by a trained choir.


A cantata must be written on a religious or sacred theme


Bach was most famous in his day as a performer on:


Which of the following was Not an important keyboard instrument in the Baroque?


Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos?


The sacred cantata was an integral part of the:

Lutheran Church Service

Of the following wind instruments, which was not made of wood?


Vivaldi was known as "the red priest" for:

The color of his hair

The sonata de camera of the Baroque was intended for

be performed at home.

Why is the music for Handel's Water Music marked by lively rhythms and catchy melodies

It was performed outdoors on barges

How many players are generally necessary to perform a trio sonata?


Which of the following does NOT characterize an oratorio?

elaborate scenery

The dominant instrument in Mouret's Rondeau is:


Who is best viewed as the first master of opera?


The Hallelujah Chorus is the climax of the Christmas section of the Messiah:


A piano trio consists of:

Piano, Violin and Cello

Quick crescendos and the four-movement cycle in symphonies were developed in


The number of players in a Classical orchestra was typically"


Which of the following best describes the opening idea of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?

a four note motive

WHich composer rebelled against the patronage system and struggled to achieve financial independence?


How many symphonies did Beethoven write?


The patronage system failed to support Haydn, and he was forced to live by teaching and performing


A musical setting of the Mass for the Dead is called a:


The most important instrumental genre of the Classical period is:


A short repeated musical pattern is called:


Who was Haydn's principal patron?

Prince Esterhazy

A string quartet consists of

Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello

Mozart dies while composing


The three main sections of sonata-allegro form are the exposition,development, and:


Using material from an earlier movement in a symphony is called:

Cyclical form

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