3 terms

Lower Limb-Foot

2nd Layer (Q.L----2 Muscles, 2 Tendons)
2 Tendons Passing through 2nd Layer:
1. Tendon of Flexor Digitorum Longus
2. Flexor Hallucis Tendon
O- med surf and lat margin of plantar surf of calcaneus

I- posterolateral margin of tendon of Flexor Digitorum Longus

N- Lateral Plantar n. (S2,3)

A- Aids in FLEXING of lat 4 digits (w/ flexor digitorum longus)
O- tendons of flexor digitorum longus

I- med aspect of expansion over lat 4 digits

N- medial 1: Medial Plantar n. (S2,3)
- lateral 3: Lateral Plantar n (S2,3)

A- FLEX proximal phalanges; EXTEND middle and distal phalanges of 4 lat digits