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Effects of Personnel Decisions on the Organization

Restructuring or Redesigning the job
When a particular job is unnecessarily difficult this is an effective means of taking advantage of an employee's special strengths and abilities
Job Descriptions
A way a job is described often dictates who applies for a given position and who is awarded the position
Job Analysis
This tool is used to analyze Work and Worker oriented outcomes:
Worker oriented outcomes
Work oriented outcomes are what is performed on a given job: Skills, knowledge, tools, and equipment
PAQ- Position Analysis Questionnaire & KSA Inventory. (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
Informal forms are the primary vehicle of job analysis.
Name two types of systematic methods of job analysis
Personnel Evaluations
Performance appraisals, that are used as a means to provide employees with performance feedback and to encourage/reward strong employee work.
Personnel Evaluations
Used in discovering how productive the employee is and whether he or she they perform currently or more effectively in the future.
Name the four categories which the purposes of personnel evaluations can be grouped
1) Between persons
2) Within-personal development
3) Systems maintenance
4) Documented human resources decisions
An effective tool used toward employees (or potential employees) for Job appraisal, job openings, selection, placement, and even termination
A strong interview consists of the what elements
1. Clearly stated goals, expectations, and requirements
2. Demonstration of individual concern
3. Allow time for questions
4. Discuss the positive and negatives