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Questions in the order they appear in the chapter.


(6-4) Radiologists are restricted to reporting the codes in the 70000 series of the CPT nomenclature. (319?)

In the subheading title or code descriptor

(6-1) How is the imaging technique delineated in each radiological subsection? (320)

76942 & 47000

(6-2b) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following; code for the "complete procedure" where necessary. Ultrasound guidance for percutaneous needle biopsy of the liver. (150, 320, CPT 261 & CPT 171)

Radiological supervision and interpretation

(6-8) When a surgical procedure involving imaging is performed, the radiological portion of the procedure is designated as _____________. (322)

No, It is a HCPCS code

(6-3) Is the "TC" modifier a CPT coding convention to designate the technical component for a procedure or service? (323)

False, the contrast administration procedure, when performed intravascularly, is not separately reported when the phrase "with contrast" appears in the code descriptor.

(6-12) It is appropriate to separately report the intravascular administration of contrast when the phrase "with contrast" appears in the code descriptor. (324)


(6-11) What is the appropriate CPT code to report for supply of contrast material? (324)


(6-13) It is appropriate to separately report the supply of radiopharmaceuticals with the appropriate CPT or HCPCS Level II codes. (324)


(6-18) The key distinction between CTA and CT is that CTA includes (3D)reconstruction postprocessing (reformatting) of angiographic images and interpretation. (326)


(6-2a) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following; code for the "complete procedure" where necessary. CT scan of the cervical spine with and without contrast (intravenous injection of contrast) (328, CPT 247)


(6-2c) Assign the appropriate code(s) for the following; code for the "complete procedure" where necessary. MRA of the head performed both without and then with contrast injection. (328 & CPT 246)

The highest-order vessel catheterized within each vascular family should be coded.

(6-6) If a first-order and a second-order vessel within the same vascular family are selectively catheretized via the same access, how would the catheterization procedure be reported? (336)


(6-9) If the same vascular access is used for both a diagnostic and a therapeutic service on the same occasion, the access is coded only once. (336)

Mod 59 (Distinct procedural service) and HCPCS RT & LT

(6-5) When interventional radiology procedures are performed, what CPT and HCPCS Level II modifiers are used to indicate catheterization of separate vascular families? (338)

Yes, if ... See 338

(6-10) Is diagnostic angiography or venography separately reportable when performed at the time of an interventional procedure? (338)


(6-7) If less than the required elements for a complete ultrasound examination are reported, the limited code for that anatomic region should be used once per patient examination session. (339)


(6-17) Codes 76813 and 76814 describe fetal nuchal translucency measurement. What imaging modality is used to perform this procedure? (340)

76816 & 76816 59

(6-15) How should the code 76816 be reported for a follow-up ultrasound of a pregnant uterus for twins? (341)


(6-16) What code is used for transvaginal examinations performed for non-obstetric purposes? (341)

Clinical treatment planning

(6-14) The cognitive process carried out by the physician to determine all of the parameters of a given course of radiation therapy is called __________________. (344)


(6-19) What basic dosimetry code is appropriately reported with all other planning codes, including 77305, 77310, and 77315, and is warranted with IMRT planning when medically necessary? (346)


(6-20) The same physician should not report both stereotactic radiosurgery services (63620, 63621) and radiation treatment management (77435) for extracranial lesions. (349)

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