Medical Office

The Father of Medicine contributed which of the following medicine?
Hippocratic Oath
The first woman to practice medicine was:
Florence Nightengale
A group practice consists of at least_____physicians.
A recent graduate of a comprehensive medical assisting training program could apply for all of the following except for:
physical therapy assistant
Which credential is not offered by the AMT?
The main benefitsfrom externships and interships are experienced by the:
externship site and the medical assistant extern
Probably the most important asset a medical assistant can offer the employer is:
a good attitude
What is the opinion of the CEJA with regards to physician-assisted suicide?
What is the opinion of the CEJA with regard to surrogate motherhood?
Agrees with stipulations
The document that expresses the wishes of patients in cases of terminal illness or an accident after which patients cannot express their wishes is called a:
Living Will
The prime objective of the medical profession is to:
render service to humanity
Which of the following are physicians required to do with regard to the opinions of the CEJA?
Consider the opinions but operate their practice in accordance with their own belief system.
Which of the following is not a requirement for a valid, legal contract?
The contract must include manifestation of assent.
Which of the following are not true about organ donations?
The recipient's physician can certify the death of a donor.
Public medical facilities must allow individuals with disabilities to easily and safely:
Enter and exit buildings
Use drinking fountains
Move from floor to floor
A pleasing telephone voice is developed by using:
A tickler file is an effective organzational tool to help the medical assistant:
Mail appointment reminders
Which of the following features is not a basic requirement of the office appointment book?
Color coding of days
Whaqt information would the medical assistant need to matrix the appointment book properly?
Days and hours the physician performs hospital rounds
The way to organize appointment scheduling so that it best supports te success of the practice is to:
consider the preferences of the physician
Why is it necessary to include a note in the patient's chart when the person does not show up for a scheduled appointment?
To be prepared for future legal consequences regarding the patient's care.
When informing patients that you must postpone their appointments because of the absence of the physician, it is good practice to:
give them the name of one or more alternative physicians
A matrix in the schedule:
Prevents booking of patients during meetings and hospital rounds.
The open office hours method of scheduling is also known as _______ scheduling
Tidal wave
The medical assistant must remember that the physician will have other types of appointments that will need special notation in the appointment book, such as:
When the physician is scheduled at outside facilities, the medical assistant must be sure to allow time for:
Larry is experiencing severe pain in his back and shoulder area. He should be seen:
Julia needs a lithium level drawn to make sure her dosage is accurate and appropriate. She should be seen:
This week
Sammie has an excruciating migraine headache and has been nauseated for 2 days. She should be seen:
Bobbie's arthritis seems to be getting progressively worse. She should be seen:
This week
Lynda had a hip replacement last week and needs to schedule a follow up appointment. She needs to be seen:
This week
Why should the medical assistant glance over the progress notes from the last visit before a patient arrives for his or her appointment with the physician?
To make sure results from the ordered laboratory tests are in the medical record.
The fiscal year begins:
whenever disignated by the business
If a patient has a good reason for arriving late, the medical assistant should consider the _____ circumstances
How would you properly index the name "Amanda M Stiles-Duncan" for filing?
Stilesduncan, Amanda M.
Which statement is not accurate about correcting charting errors?
Draw two clear lines through the error.
The most efficient type of medical record is the:
Computer-based medical record
The "E:" entry in the SOAPER charting method means:
The preferred filing method for a physicians office is:
The one preferred by the staff
A temporary or transitionary file might be used for a:
Patient from another area who is only in the city for a short while
Letter requesting a reprint from a magazine
Letter requesting information about a product or drug
The division of the federal government that enforces privacy standards is:
Which of the following individuals would not normally be eligible for Medicare?
A 23 year old recipient of AFDC
The amount of money the policy holder pays per claim or per accident toward the total amount of an insured loss before the company will pay on the claim is known as the:
A payment method in which providers are paid for each individual enrolled in a plan, regardless of whether the person sees the provider that month, is called a _____ plan.
Medicares UPIN stands for ______ identification number
Unique provider
The person authorized to act as the agent when executing a power of attorney is called an attorney:
in fact
Which accounting system requires the least initial expense and training to set up and use?
Single entry
Disbursements in a medical office might include