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  1. sympathy
  2. essentialism
  3. hegemonic
  4. social construction theory
  5. oppression
  1. a human behavior is essential *
  2. b dominate controls benefits from injustice of exploitations and abuse that is derived from the subordinate.
  3. c culturally dominant belief in society.
  4. d what we see as real suggests that is the result of human interaction.
  5. e express feelings and has been through that situation.

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  1. ranks people in hierarchal order.
  2. one drop of blood automatically makes you only a member of that race. (slave code/classification- black blood)
  3. rigid, over simplified exaggerated beliefs to categories of people.
  4. judging other cultures in terms of your own culture.
  5. 'exclusion', not belonging to the community or dominant culture.

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  1. ethnicityperceived by others to have shared cultural characteristics. (language, symbols, religion)


  2. fermshas testes but also parts of the female genitalia.


  3. rolespeople that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.


  4. racializationany previous group that hasn't been classified previously. (ex: interracial relationship, blood was supposed to be kept pure not diluted.)


  5. standpointsocially defined position a person occupies in society.