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  1. human rights
  2. intersexual
  3. ethnocentrism
  4. dimorphic absolutes
  5. merms
  1. a the physical and endocrinological (inner makeup), viewed different from the norm. those born outside the platonic dimorphic mold.
  2. b has testes but also parts of the female genitalia.
  3. c judging other cultures in terms of your own culture.
  4. d males trapped in female bodies and vice versa.
  5. e God given rights - entitled, emotions, respect, value & worth. it is 'alienable' - health, shelter, food, education.

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  1. has ovaries but also parts of the male genitalia.
  2. secluding and ostracizing yourself from the population .
  3. 'majority rules the most votes'.
  4. what we see as real suggests that is the result of human interaction.
  5. system of inequality *

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  1. rolespeople that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.


  2. sex'genetic' the biological distinctions & features between males females, and intersexed. there are five sexes - female/male/herms/merms/ferms. (genetic determinations)


  3. empathyexpress feelings but has not been through that situation.


  4. patriarchypeople that are perceived to have distinctive hereditary characteristics.


  5. standpointown location in society is based on all experience, that is how you stand.