22 terms

L5: Noun Clauses

Use the prompt to make a complete sentence.

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I don't know where he lives.
Where does he live? (I don't know...)
I'm not sure if she is a good teacher.
Is she a good teacher? (I'm not sure...)
Could you tell me where the BART station is?
Where is the BART station? (Could you tell me...)
I want to know how long she has lived here.
How long has she lived here? (I want to know...)
I need to know if she likes donuts.
Does she like donuts? (I need to know...)
The fact is that they want to study abroad.
They want to study abroad. (The fact is that...)
I can't imagine what people did before the Internet.
What did people do before the Internet? (I can't imagine...)
I remember that we went to the park yesterday.
We went to the park yesterday. (I remember...)
I don't know if it is safe.
Is it safe? (I don't know...)
They told me that it is an excellent school.
It is an excellent school. (They told me...)
They believe that plagiarism is a major problem.
Plagiarism is a major problem. (They believe...)
It's important to speak English.
You should speak English. (It's important...)
Please remember to wash your dishes.
You should wash your dishes. (Please remember...)
Please remember not to smoke near the entrances.
Do not smoke near the entrances. (Please remember...)
We talked about whether or not eating fast food is bad.
Is eating fast food bad or not? (We talked about...)
The author explains how people can improve their memories.
How can people improve their memories? (The author explains...)
The author discusses the best way to remember names.
What is the best way to remember names? (The author discusses...)
The students explained the effects of smoking.
What are the effects of smoking? (The students explained...)
The author discusses why people need to learn English.
Why do people need to learn English? (The author discusses...)
Please tell me what I did.
What did I do? (Please tell me...)
What I want to know is where my car is.
Where is my car? (What I want to know is...)
What's important is that you are safe.
You are safe. (What's important is...)