Group Dental Insurance

What type of service under a nonscheduled plan typically has large deductibles and pays around 50% for the services provided?
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Under a nonscheduled plan, what portion of the balance could an insured expect to pay for basic services?20%And insured does not have to pay coinsurance or deductibles on a four series mouth x-ray, but does have to pay a deductible to get his cavities filled. Which dental plan does he have?Nonscheduled * diagnostic and preventative services are generally not subject to coinsurance or deductibles and non-scheduled plans but basic and major services are.combination plans are comprised of two types of plans features: basic andComprehensiveUnder which plan does preventative dental treatment not apply toward the deductible?NonscheduledWhat is NOT considered to be a basic service, under a nonscheduled plan?DenturesA dental plan that provides coverage based upon a specified maximum scheduled amount for each procedure and pays on a 'first dollar' basis with no deductible or coinsurance is aBasic or scheduled plan.